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  1. If there is a more impressive true freshman DE in the nation than Taco Charlton, I want to see him. Can't wait to see him in a year.

  2. I asked Brady Hoke about interior of o-line; he told me all spots are still open. Lots of bodies. I have to think Kalis will get one spot.

  3. Al Borges told me Devin Gardner loves to study film more than Denard Robinson did. Borges says Gardner is more athletic than Jason Campbell.

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  4. At #Michigan practice, WR Amara Darboh looked good. Al Borges marvels about how strong his hands are. He was running 1st team today.


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I thiink the 2 week estimate was probably off, but he is not practicing in live scrimmage yet.


true freshman Derrick Green has a body like Ironhead Heyward. He just conditioned today.


Fitz Toussaint showed no effects from his injury. Great burst through the line. Green was dressed, but didn't take reps - so no read on him


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Even as early as before the Spring Game, Mattison was very up on Taco Charlton. Here's an article with some Mattison quotes regarding Taco from early in the year:

"Sometimes I look at him and I say, ‘You’re too big to play,’" Mattison said. "This is a young man that’s 6-6, 270 pounds. He’s getting some valuable reps. The good thing for Taco is he gets to see two guys that are veterans that kind of know how to play it, and he gets to see what’s right or wrong and so he can learn a little quicker.”


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  1. Fitz Toussaint showed no effects from his injury. Great burst through the line. Green was dressed, but didn't take reps - so no read on him

  2. I love this coaching staff. There is a ton of teaching that goes on at their practices - giving constructive feedback after nearly ever rep

  3. Morris has a live arm and runs well too - just seemed a step behind - late on a number of throws. Will be very, very good in time

  4. Devin Gardner looked great - in total command of the offense. He needs to stay healthy more than any player in B1G - Morris struggled a bit

  5. This is really starting to look like a football team - they are big, they're physical and they can really run.


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  1. Da'Marlo Jones had a nice 1-handed catch as well. Lots of good young WR talent. Darboh has taken a particularly large leap.

  2. Wyatt Shallman also got a lot of carries as a TB. Unclear if that's because Green wasn't involved in the reps.

  3. Other true freshmen that stood out - De'Veon Smith, Dymonte Thomas, and Jourdan Lewis. Thomas had a nice diving pick, Lewis good PBU in EZ

  4. Much like Ohio State, many of Michigan's freshmen look physically ready to play right now. Taco Charlton would be Exhibit A


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When people only post positive stuff, I take a huge grain of salt. Perhaps, that's you meant by that: we should take what he says with a grain of salt. 

Still, I think that placing a bunch of positive spins on what we all know is just stupid. Anyone could say "the line is good [sans 5tech]", "Michigan has holes in WR/OL", etc. No offense, but these tweets reek of you being/working for Revsine. /Pessimist.

Nevertheless (since we can dispose of monosyllybic words here, no?) the d-line seems to be the 2nd biggest wildcard. O-line (interior) being the most-so. 

I "lol" at people who think they know more about what's to transpire (and just WAIT until after two games against "who know's who they are"s) than the rest of us. If intelligent people knew about what would happen, Vegas odds would be more even no?

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BTN Camp Tour 2013 They got a whole bunch done 4 it 2 be the 2nd practice of day.Only in Uppers but still physical Impressive


BTN Camp Tour 2013 Once again got to watch one the the best D Line drills in college football.


BTN Camp Tour 2013 Assistant coaches do as good a job as anyone teaching technique.No music constantly playing helps staff teach


BTN Camp Tour 2013 Defensive team can really run. I would say the validity of recruiting rankings was alive and well in AA today


BTN Camp Tour 2013 Defensive scheme a Mich throwback. Not real big but they can really run and will move around after snap


BTN Camp Tour 2013 Just like their rival a dominant TB is a missing piece 2 puzzle.There're enough candidatesWill b interesting