Did the NCAA 11 Dynasty Update Help?

Submitted by maizenblueCW2 on August 22nd, 2010 at 7:07 PM

I was very excited when I heard about the NCAA Football 2011 update that came out a couple weeks back, as most of my play time resides in the dynasty mode. The update was supposed to help maintain realistic team progression in the long-run (so that half the teams are not a D overall by 2012). But after playing a season with Arizona on a dynasty I began post-update, I am not convinced they did enough. I landed a class of mostly 3 stars, with something like 5 4-stars (I'm no Mack Brown- I know), and I was disappointed to see that all of my 4-stars were high-60s / low-70s overall. I figured that maybe they improved player progression, especially with young players, but this wasn't the case either.

 I read the article on the easports website that explained its effectiveness of the update, but I'm not convinced it's anything more than EA trying to shut people up. I could be wrong though. Anyone have an opinion on all this?

(The gameplay updates have all been great though, and I guess you could say that's more important.)



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When you make a big hit or sack or whatnot you get added skill points. I don't like the sportsmanship points because the stupid thing kicks in when you're up by like 3 scores and you can't even throw a pass without a 75 point reduction. Not sure yet what the skill points give ya, but I'm waiting to see if players get better throughout the year.

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The problem with your recruiting class may reside in the fact that you're playing as Arizona. Looking at their 2010 class, they only registered three 4 stars and no 5 stars. The rest were 2-3 stars. (According to Scout.com).


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The season showdown doesn't even work for me. Everytime I play it says failed to connect.  As far as recruiting goes, playing through as Baylor has had the obvious advantage. One way I got into Florida and California was grabbing three 2-stars from each.


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The update definitely changed things for me. When the game first came out, my first recruiting class consisted of a four star and 12 three stars even though I won the national title.

Starting a new dynasty post update - 2 five stars, 15 four stars and a few three stars.

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EA released a blog entry explaining the improved player progression... They went so far to graph several prominent team's rating progressions under the new update, comparing it to simulated progressions before the update. While the progressions stabilized, each team's overall ratings still dropped slightly to moderately... so... improved, but not perfected.

Im happy about a lot of the improvements made. But I don't really know what people are talking about when they rave about the running game. Don't think it's that much better. Still very difficult. I think it has to do with the defensive line abilities, speed, and lack of O-line intelligence.  

... It KILLS me when Denard (running in a straight line) is caught from behind by a D-lineman. It happens all the time. I understand you can fix this by adjusting the speed differentials on the game. But you're setting yourself up for a disadvantage in online play when you adjust those settings. Online play is with the default settings, ie, retarded speed differentials.

One big problem is the recruiting difficulty settings. Im pretty good with the recruiting system usually, so i set it to heisman one year. I won a national championship with michigan that year, a six star program.... I had ZERO commitments by the end of the season.... While I may not have perfected handling the new recruiting system, I disagree with making a difficulty setting so impossible, that realism goes out the window....

As a whole, improved, but still disappointing. Not just the recruiting progression, but the game as a whole. I could go on but i probably wrote more than people want to know.


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How was your depth at certain positions?? For me when I was recruiting it seemed that if I had decent depth at certain positions, my recuiting there was a struggle. I haven't landed a MLB of note in my first 2 recruiting classes because of Demens and Fitz being there already.


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I need help regarding this game. On my 360 no one improves or aka improves level 0 after every season (the offseason training doesn't work). What the hell is that about? I read online that there was a patch out for it, but when I booted up my system it never asked to update my xbox. Can I manually do that?