Did anyone look at the 2011 Football Schedule?

Submitted by seegoblu on January 14th, 2011 at 8:19 AM

SIAP, but I just took a look at the schedule for the first time since the CC.

I have to imagine September 24th will be AWKWARD...can't think of an example of a HC of a major FB program playing his former team so quickly after his departure.

I know this game was added earlier this year to complete the schedule (and possibly as a favor to the Hokester), but this game has the distinct possibility of being a trap game...motivated opponent the week before the bye...



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It's going to be a tough game for many reasons.  I think they return a lot of starters.  Hoke joked around about buying this game out.  Maybe he wasn't joking.


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No, no one on this board has contemplated the near future of Michigan football.  We were mostly talking about macrame before you got here.

Jiminy Christmas man.


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RUN OP RUN!!! You have vastly undestimated the intelligence of this board and they will now rip you to pieces!!! You should have known that this board realized this scheduling issue as soon as Hoke became a potential HC candidate.

I pray for your safety...


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That title is fucking awesome.

Reponse: "No is it out yet?, Oh wow take a look guys these are the teams we play next season I guess. Cool, thanks OP..."


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Yes, we have and I believe it has been discussed in a ton of different threads since Hoke was hired. It will be a good game, but I think we come out with a win because it's at home, we have the majority of our starters coming back, and because we have Denard as our QB. Plus, we will have an actual defense next year.


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I think that is why they submarined RR this year.  They knew if he made it to next year he was going to win at least 10 games and beat at least one of our rivals.  There would be no way we fire him after that.  So they pushed Martin to retire...Lloyd got DB to apply and get the AD job (somebody he knew would fire RR)...Got former players to raise cain about RR and not being a "Michigan Man" B.S. and start the media shit storm.  Then RR didnt do himself any favors by trying to change the D to the 3-3-5 and get killed in the big ten games with it.  I am just sick of all the old guard at UM that are willing to sacrafice the university and our program to preserve their idea of what the university should be.  Because they are destroying it.


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If all goes according to plan we will return most of our starters as well. Filling out the recruiting class is more important right now than wprrying about intangibles for next year. It stinks how long it is until September 3.


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Wait..  I thought Brandon cancelled the season after the RR firing due to an extensive and exhaustive coaching search.  Good to hear though !


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Yeah this schedule was set up to take Michigan to greener pastures IF Rich Rod was still the coach but now there is uncertainty.  Will Brady Hoke be able to win more than 6 or 7 games this season?  I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Things are looking optimistic.  Denard's staying, Mike Martin is staying..maybe this means we wont suffer as much pain this season as the past three.


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I don't know, I heard there may be a lockout.  Something about players wanting money? I don't know.  I wouldn't bank on there being a 2011 season.


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8-4 and 9-3 seasons are coming back.  Oh yeah, and the usual disappointments of getting beat by teams we shouldn't.  Welcome back to "3 yards in a cloud of dust".  Again why does the Big Ten have problems winning BCS games?  Hmmm....

Waters Demos

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at how freely people are willing to post their ignorance on the board. 

"I have an idea - I'm posting it!  New thread for my idea!" 

No reflection, no literature review (e.g., check to see if it's already posted or has otherwise been thoroughly discussed), no thought-editing

And it never ends either; no matter how many lessons are learned, this will continue.  Marvelling indeed.


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The Big Ten Divisional Split actually changed the 2011 schedule a bit, I think to Michigan's favor (or not.)

This is the original schedule from May 2010:

Date Opponent
Sept. 3 Western Michigan
Sept. 10 Notre Dame
Sept. 17 Eastern Michigan
Sept. 24 San Diego State
Oct. 1 Bye Week
Oct. 8 at Wisconsin
Oct. 15 Indiana (Homecoming)
Oct. 22 at Michigan State
Oct. 29 at Iowa
Nov. 5 Minnesota
Nov. 12 Illinois
Nov. 19 at Northwestern
Nov. 26 Ohio State

This is the new schedule from September 1, 2010:

Date Opponent
Sept. 3 Western Michigan
Sept. 10 Notre Dame (night)
Sept. 17 Eastern Michigan
Sept. 24 San Diego State
Oct. 1 Minnesota
Oct. 8 at Northwestern
Oct. 15 at Michigan State
Oct. 22 Bye Week
Oct. 29 Purdue
Nov. 5 at Iowa
Nov. 12 at Illinois
Nov. 19 Nebraska
Nov. 26 Ohio State

(italics indicates a -- ugh -- Legends divsion game)

Basically, five games stayed the same (Ohio State, Minnesota, at Michigan State, at Iowa, at Northwestern), one opponent stayed the same, changed venue (Illinois goes from home to away) and two opponents (Wisconsin and Indiana) were traded for new opponents (Nebraska and Purdue)

It's sort of a wash.  I don't know if we get "lucky" to miss Wisconsin and Penn State since PSU was off schedule anyway next year and Wisconsin's out, but Nebraska's in (I guess having Nebraska come to Ann Arbor is better than going to Madison) and Indiana/Purdue feels like a wash.  Going to Illinois seems "normal" since it keeps it on rotation.

The sequencing is the interesting part, in that the Nebraska/Ohio State finale seems like a rough road, saved by the fact that they are home games, but really, Minnesota coming in with a new coach as well (Hoke and Kill, tonight on the NBC Mystery Movie!) to start the Big Ten season, then going to Northwestern, a place where Michigan does get a solid showing of fans might be just what this team needs to get off to a good start.

That night game, by the way, has the potential to be an Event.


January 14th, 2011 at 9:37 AM ^

a debbie downer, but looks like a 6-6 schedule for us. 

Sept. 3 W Western Michigan
Sept. 10 L Notre Dame (night)
Sept. 17 W Eastern Michigan
Sept. 24 W San Diego State
Oct. 1 W Minnesota
Oct. 8 W at Northwestern
Oct. 15 L at Michigan State
Oct. 22 Bye Week
Oct. 29 W Purdue
Nov. 5 L at Iowa
Nov. 12 L at Illinois
Nov. 19 L Nebraska
Nov. 26 L Ohio State


So not much change at all.


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Iowa loses a lot this year. I think they'll be a bit easier than you think. Illinois will be a tough game, but if our defense is respectable, our offense should be clicking by that point and I think we can pull out a win. I have to agree with you about ND, MSU, NU, and OSU, though. It'll be a miracle if he can pull one of those out.