Diamond Final 2 M and Ark

Submitted by Vote_Crisler_1937 on January 25th, 2012 at 3:24 PM
I heard from a source I trust that Jordan Diamond has a final 2 of Michigan and Arkansas. According to this source Michigan has maintained a slight lead the whole year but Diamond has been very cautious and will continue to be very cautious because it's a huge decision for him. Sorry if this post is lame but it was news to me that he has a final two.



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Unless you're an established insider, if there isn't a link to a source it's probably not worth posting. I'm sure you're an upstanding citizen and all, but anybody can get on an internet message board and say "I have it on very good authority that [Recruitey McRuitin] feels very strongly about [School X]." 

I'll believe it when's February 3rd.


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Moleskyn, much respect to you for your work on this board. All I can say is this, I have never made a post on this blog. This is the one bit of info I have ever gotten that I trust enough to post. There was a thread yesterday on his final 5 but I thought this would narrow that more and I have every reason to believe its true.


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having the big names before signing day we're looking at are O-lineman....certainly not complaining as many are needed. Would be nice to be in on at least one big time skill player like a Stefon Diggs


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Like I always say, if you can't trust the unnamed source of someone on the internet whose identity you also don't know, who can you trust?  

But I am cautious and will continue to be very cautious.  




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FWIW, I have corresponded with this poster over email from time to time and know his backstory. It is logical that he would have some information about Diamond and it is unlikely he's trolling.

Obviously, these things are not 100% reliable but I'd regard it as a real piece of information.


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I am impressed with our the coaching staff being able to maintain a consistent edge with JD all year long despite the changes in CFB, tsio's en fuego recruiting (unfortunately), our heavy OL class until recent, and the fake Scout report about Funk. Awesome Job to the staff.


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Thanks for the post.  I respect the fact that Diamond is playing it cautious.   It a huge decision in his life and this shows that he is really thinking it through.  By waiting until after signing day, he can also see where other recruits are going.  I would want to know if both Garnett and Kozan are going Blue and whether I'd be part of a 7 lineman class. 

Me personally, I'd like to know his answer by 4pm. 

Hope he ends up in Ann Arbor.


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That the quality of education was a high priority for Diamond (as it purportedly is for many recruits).  So let's see.......hmm........University of Michigan?  Okay I get that possible choice as it is one of the top five public universities in the USA in virtually every rating.  Arkansas? Arkansas?  I haven't seen the undergraduate program or any other program from such esteemed institution rated in the top 50 or 75 of any rating anywhere.  So where does the quality of education come into play here?

I understand the problem that Garnett would have as it would be really hard to turn down a four-year ride to Stanford and head to Michigan.  Not only the prestigious education, but Palo Alto is a pleasant environment 12 months a year.

But Arkansas?



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As I mentioned in other threads, other than the nice weather, I really don't get the appeal of Palo Alto. I live near there and it's a sterile, boring environment not just for college football, but for college in general. Even the weather is overrated. It can get pretty cold and dreary during the winters here in in the Bay. At least in Ann Arbor, you have South Quad/West Quad snowball fights to help lighten the winter mood. 


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Yes, I was thinking the same thing. I have followed recruiting closely for awhile and the vast majority of recruits mention academics as a factor in their decision. I think a lot of times it's the recruit's parents that stress academics but it doesn't have a significant impact on their final decision. You see it happen quite frequently. A recruit may talk about academics and then release a top-five that consists of two academic heavyweights and three state colleges. There are a few exceptions, like Garnett.