Dhani Jones Twitterview Transcript

Submitted by MGoShoe on July 7th, 2011 at 2:26 PM

Dhani Jones took over the U-M Football Twitter handle last evening for an Ask Dhani Twitterview. He's also in A2 to promote his new book and you can see him tonight if you're in town and are so inclined.

Jones, author of the new book "The Sportsman: Unexpected lessons from an Around-the-World Sports Odyssey" -- which touts his blueprint for physical and spiritual renewal through sampling the world's sports -- will appear at Barnes & Noble in Huron Village on 3225 Washtenaw Ave. on Thursday, July 7, at 7 p.m. in Ann Arbor.

Here's my transcript of the "Twitterview":

1. DaveBrandonAD Your thoughts re: new college rule - takes points off board if guy scoring TD "celebrates" in endzone?

umichfootball No, that's ridiculous, man should be able to celebrate w/o being penalized!

2. Wohlverine What was your major, and how important is your education in your life today outside of the NFL?

umichfootball Self Representation (I created my own major) & Pre-Med. It's University of Michigan or nothing!

3. maizenblue4 are you gonna attend any home games this year?

umichfootball I'm always in attendance. My mind, body & soul have been poured into the Big House.

4. TedSnyder23 of all the sports you tried, which was more difficult than u thought it's be, which came easier than expected

umichfootball More difficult than expected = jai-lai. Nothing was easier than expected...

5. MDrazickH Outside of football whats your biggest passion: Photography? Traveling? Philanthropy? Your Bow Tie Company?

umichfootball Philanthropic travel while wearing a bow-tie.

6. DeportesAddict What does this year’s team need to focus on more than anything in order to result in consistent winning football?

umichfootball Focus on the TEAM, the winning tradition that is MICHIGAN.

7. theCurtisReport With your passion, love of sports, and football knowledge, are you or would you want to coach football?

umichfootball If I'm the HEAD Coach, I'll coach anything.

8. MGoShoe Do you expect to do sports broadcasting post-NFL career or continue to develop travelogue type shows?

umichfootball Both, definitely have a desire to stay close to the game.

9. umichfootball Quick break, time to give away a copy of my new book, #TheSportsman. First correct response via hashtag #AskDhani takes it home, ready?

umichfootball What year was the "Big House" built? @DaveBrandonAD is not allowed to answer...

MGoShoe 1927

umichfootball Winner, winner...congrats @MGoShoe, you're taking home a copy of my new book, #TheSportsman.

10. stuartberlow Favorite class at Michigan? Fave spot on campus?

umichfootball Organic Chemistry (Favorite Class) & East Quad (Favorite Spot)

11. griffinhickman From a fellow bow tie wearer: Favorite road trip as a player? Best team hotel when on the road?

umichfootball Trip to the Rose Bowl & of course, the Campus Inn.

12. SJanveja What was your favorite non-football memory of Ann Arbor?

umichfootball When East Quad defeated West & South Quad in a snow ball fight

13.griffinhickman Skyline or Gold Star? Favorite flavor at Graeters?

umichfootball Gold Star of course, the official Chili of the @Bengals

14. stuartberlow What's the most important lesson you learned from Coach Carr?

umichfootball LiveBig by giving back...

15. el_jefes_jefe Do you have any pregame superstitions?

umichfootball Never wear the same shoes, never wear the same gloves & never cut your finger or toenails.

16. sbell021 Is it true you dabbled as a photographer with the Michigan Daily for a little? What was that like?

umichfootball Yes, I used to shoot the @umichbball games!

17. andrew_doty Season 3 of Dhani Tackles The Globe in the works?

umichfootball DTTG is not coming back, but catch me on #TonofCash on @VH1 starting Aug. 17 at 9pm & #BTNLiveBIG on BTN, Oct. 3

18. MGoShoe Twitter length description of Coach Hoke?

umichfootball The Truth. The Change. The Michigan Man.

19. Lochdog715 When are we going to get the "Bo" tie to honor Bo?

umichfootball Good question, @DaveBrandonAD?

20. itsraininglaura Who is the most influential person you have met and why?

umichfootball The man who needs no name...

21. umichfootball OK, have to head out soon, but one last trivia question. Winner wins an exclusive Mott Children's Hospital #BowTie.

umichfootball What year was the Big Ten Conference established? First response with the hashtag #AskDhani wins...

sbell021 1896

umichfootball Get ready for your #BowTie.

22. umichfootball Relax, untie the #BowTie. Act. Serve. Inspire. #BTNLiveBig #GoBlue yfrog.com/kf1q3ej




July 7th, 2011 at 3:47 PM ^

...of being first and correct:

  • Separate tabs for @umichfootball and my timeline page
  • Pre-loaded reply with @umichfootball and #AskDhani
  • A timely click of the refresh button
  • Many visits to the Bentley's Michigan Football History webpage and MVictors.com
  • Luck
  • Shotgun formation


July 7th, 2011 at 3:29 PM ^

Yes, let's hate a football player who attended the Residential College, created his own major, founded his own business and has basically epitomized what a Michigan graduate should aspire to be, because he committed the crime of making a few mildly critical comments about an unsuccessful former coach.


July 7th, 2011 at 4:21 PM ^

The guy has been an absolute credit to the University on and off the field, and he's going to continue to be a visible and positive ambassador for the school and the team.  As far as  his comments on RR and his era, I didn't like a lot of what former players as a whole said publicly.  I particularly didn't like some of the individual comments that were just straight stupid.  Dhani's commentary didn't come across that way, he has demonstrated his commitment to Michigan, and as an individual he's entitled to an opinion (BTW...he may know a little more about football, Michigan Football, and football culture than the VAST majority of us).. 


July 7th, 2011 at 11:32 PM ^

Not about opinions. It's about a decision to state that opinion publicly when that doesn't do anyone any good.

Say I knew someone who knows Dhani and told me he was on the phone with him and Dhani called Rich Rod awful. I'd think "Huh. Oh well." Jumping online and seeing a headline that by a journalist who is reporting that Dhani Jones told THEM he thinks Rich Rod is awful made me think "Wow. What a dick."

There's just no need to go there when you're a public figure.