Dhani Jones on Jimmy Kimmel tonight

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Subject pretty much says it all, Dhani on the book tour getting some TV pub. Searches for "Dhani Jones Jimmy Kimmel" come up with far more links to live web streams than actual episode descriptions, but if the Internet AND Comcast agree, they can't be wrong, can they?

If you're not around, or find out late, you can watch the episode in it's totality, with full permission, at Kimmel's website, (after the fact, I'm guessing)-




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You must have me confused with someone else. I said I thought he should be fired after the Penn State game. I was disgusted with the Groban incident. I think that all things considered, having Hoke at this juncture is highly preferable.

For anyone to go at a man who was then coaching their alma mater but also having a rough go and pile on like that, giving media sharks even more chum, is not real cool in my book.

Not sure why he reps the university so well. I'd say that trashing the head coach to reporters outweighs wearing bow ties and trying to carve out a niche as the NFL's most pretentious linebacker.


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That just because he played he's not allowed to say stuff 1/100th as negative as you are about everything Michigan 24/7. And the fake "I thought he should be fired but felt for the guy" act is fooling nobody. You were just as vicious and dickish to Rich as you've been to Lloyd, and Hoke, and Darius Morris....and pretty much everybody. Hypocrite, thy name is BRCE. 


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Name one negative thing I have ever said about Hoke. This board is archived. Begin your search now and get back to me when you need your tail removed from your legs.

Also, dig and find something you would deem "dickish" about Rich Rod and anything other than my honest take that he deserved to be fired but I felt for him.

Finally, let me know when rent is due for the spacing I'm occupying in your head.


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Your attitude is stemming from a lack of stuff between your legs. Because you make it too easy. It doesn't even take much work. Because the time frame for Michigan Football "armageddon" has dates.





In all honesty, I think the (Score:1) BRCE Joined: 12/30/2008 MGoPoints: 1427 In all honesty, I think the biggest reason this board widely feels that Hoke = DOOM is because Brian said so. Bullshit. Yes, it's very annoying when the board tries to parrot all of Brian's opinions. But Hoke = DOOM is so obvious that I seriously doubt Cook's take has had any effect on most. You'd have to be very dense or a true Michigan Man snob to think that Brady Hoke would be an acceptable hire here. The debate about him should begin and end with the fact that he has a losing record in eight years of coaching non-AQ schools.



Does that count? That would be the FIRST (impression) thing, and that's pretty damn negative.  So anytime you want to beg for forgiveness, you know where to find me.

And while it certainly may be "honest" opinions (no one ever accused you of saying something you didn't feel...just holding your feelings to different standards than others), it was pretty easy to find a couple..recent and from around the time. If I went through every fire Rich thread of all last season, I could probably turn this into a 300 post thread itself.




I wish I had more than one vote to pos-bang the OP with. The "true believers" at this point are every bit as offensive to me as the elitist snobs who were out for RR from day one. Yes, he's faced a lot of unfortunate obstacles. But the guy has done a crappy job. I can't believe it's even still up for debate in some circles.



Or how about-



IT'S NOT ABOUT RODRIGUEZ! How many times do you "you're more of an RR fan than Michigan fan!" idiots need to be told this? It is about LOGIC and FAIRNESS. RR did a shitty job during his three years here. Undeniable. 



Now, there can be a lot of truth to what you're saying. That's a whole other debate. But if you think saying that someone did a shitty and crappy job is your way of feeling for a guy, I think that would explain a lot towards your general attitude. And as I said, that's from when he was a dead man walking, or already gone, and not from during the season when he was losing games. You can look those up yourself, since you don't seem to remember what you say around here. And then you can find how that carries over to Brandon, and a whole bunch of pro guys in pro threads, and pretty much everything that comes off your computer.

Because you're not in my head....but you are on the Board, and taking every chance you have to impart the same misery on the rest of us that must constitute your life. Because someone who is unhappy with everything, and feels the need to constantly show it probably does need to pay for some head shrinking....but not for others.





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Predictable. You take something before Hoke was the coach here. You won't find anything since because I think he's done as good a job as a 0-0 coach can do in terms of recruiting, staffing and media relations.

The RR comments aren't dickish at all toward him. They merely point out the obvious (that he did a crappy job) while expressing frustration with his ardent fans who refused to see it.

My criticisms rarely have to do with the athletes or coaches themselves as much as they have to do with the out-and-out SLAPPIES (you being one of the chief purveyors) that stroke them to curious degrees. Lloyd Carr is not a proven demigod because he was elected to an institution that also boasts John Cooper. Darius Morris is not a great kid just livin' the dream. These aren't exactly controversial takes but they are things that will offend the delicate sensibilities so many superfans on this board seem to have.



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Name one negative thing I have ever said about Hoke. This board is archived. Begin your search now and get back to me when you need your tail removed from your legs.




So ever only counts AFTER someone is hired? You have an interesting definition of EVER...or a weird conception of time. It was just easier and less time consuming to go back to the OUTRAGE fire/hire period. What's fact is that you start off with a negative conception of everything, and that paints the everyone's perception of you on everything.  You cling to a belief that being an ass about everything isn't controversial and your views are the mainstream, and it's everyone else that's out of touch. The only predictable thing was that you'd backtrack or fine some loophole in your bragadocious statements, and not be man enough to admit you were wrong.  

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...and I wasn't meaning to be negative, really. Just talking my own experiences with Dhani.

I'm staying out of this war brewin' below, though!

I am curious about his comments to Brandon if anyone has the inside track.... I didn't hear anything about that.

Again, loved watching him on the field...


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at his book signing in Cincinnati.  DJ even autographed an Eagles jersey for him even though he was only supposed to sign books.  He said it was a great experience.