DGDestroys: Question on Trayion Durham?

Submitted by GoBlue21 on January 21st, 2011 at 8:59 AM

ThaRinger Good player. RT @MikeDyer: Michigan was at Colerain Wednesday showing interest in FB Trayion Durham

I read the above tweet on your account and was wondering what Michigan's status was on Durham?  I know he committed to Wisconsion at the beginning of the football season but then he decommitted.  Does Michigan have a shot with him? I've seen this kid play numerous times (same school district as my former high school) and he's a good FB. He's the #2 FB on Rivals and the #4 FB on Scout. 

He's also from the same high school and former Michigan commits B.J. Askew, Cobrani Mixon and Mister Simpson...

Rivals: http://rivals.yahoo.com/ncaa/football/recruiting/player-Trayion-Durham-89477

Scout:  http://recruiting.scout.com/a.z?s=73&p=8&c=1&nid=3924770



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they never panned out but they did commit to Michigan out of high school.  B.J. was a pretty good player whether at RB or FB.  There are a lot of good high school players that don't pan out in college, that's the risk you take.  Mixon and Simpson weren't the only ones to come to Ann Arbor and bust...

I was just saying that Michigan has a good relationship with Colerain High School and maybe that will help with Durham.


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I've heard of Michigan's interest in him, but so far, nothing about his interest in Michigan. I think it'll be interesting to see how the situation plays out, especially if Joey Kerridge is still planning on walking on. He's a definite bulldozer though.

Also, he's a robot...so there's that.


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Durham's more athletic, but there's not a whole lot of film of him.. you know.. blocking, so I don't think I can really make a fair judgment. As of now, I don't see why not, it doesn't hurt to have two qualified FBs in this offense, and McColgan's a RS Senior. We've got plenty of room for him


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Kid looks pretty big and reasonably fast.  Would be a nice asset, especially if the focus is going more toward a pro-style offense where a lead blocker/heavy runner is utilized more frequently.  


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I don't have a Scout account but one of the headlines says "Ohio Running Back Looking To Stay Close To Home" so that would be my guess.

His other med/high interests are Cincinnati, Kentucky, Louisville, Indiana, Kent State along with Wisconsin on both sites. Michigan is definitely closer to Cincinnati than Wisconsin so maybe Michigan has a chance?


EDIT: Damn you DGD!!!


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is basically from one game against Cincinnati Elder, a very well known high school.  Secondly, Colerain runs the triple option so Durham doesn't get a ton of carries so his highlight reel isn't going to be spectacular. 

Rivals and Scout have him at #2 and #4, so they think pretty highly of him!


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I live literally 5 minutes from Colerain High School and it takes 3-3.5 hours to drive to Ann Arbor.  I've made the trip NUMEROUS times so it's not bad at all if he wants to stay close to home, he'll still be in the Big Ten, parents could easily drive to home games and he'll be at the best institution in America. What more can you ask for?



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Are you driving Ms. Daisy?  We leave at 430am and get to the golf course at 8am.  What part of Cincinnati? It can't be hour and a half away from me! Haha

EDIT: Mapquest from my house says 4hrs 4 min. Obviously there's less traffic that early in the morning and we go 'a little' above the speed limit.


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It's possible that it was during 75's egregious suckitude. We don't leave at 4:30 - it's more like 10 most of the time. 5 was an overshot, maybe - 4 1/2 is more accurate. And that's coming from College Hill. As you can tell by my handle, I live in Boston now, so it takes about 12 hours...

We go a little above the speed limit too. Except in Fostoria. Those cops are bastards.