DeVondrick Nealy sets visit for Oct. 9th

Submitted by brendandavis22 on September 21st, 2010 at 9:16 PM
Per Rivals (paywall so I won't link it plus there is not a lot there) He will be here for the Mich State game. We will be his first vist. Slot Ninja!



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Thanks for the update.  Appreciate it.

Just to clarify, Rivals does not have him as the 11th RB overall.  He's the #11 "All-Purpose Back" (Rivals splits up its backs into 2 categories).  To compare, Dee Hart is the #1 All-Purpose Back (and Justice Hayes is #4).

It would be nice to land a 2nd back.  I hope this set visit was not a reaction to any news from Hart.  I'll choose the optimistic route. 


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We honestly have so many running backs though. Shaw, smith,cox, hopkins, fitz, teric (who i think is back to rb). Hopkins is a true freshman and fitz is a rs freshman, i think we'd be fine if we got 1 rb....So hopefully we get dee! and if we did get hart then i don't think we really need another back this class. But then again thats my opinion...the coaches know best. I would rather spend that extra schollie on trying to get a db that may pan out.


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by this time next week, cox and hopkins will have transferred to Rutgers. 

In all seriousness, hitting on these RB recruits could be such a goldmine.  RR can transform good, speedy 3-star backs into studs on the field.  Meanwhile, we have 2 DBs committed with several more already considering us.  I say, take a risk with an extra back each recruiting year.  If one hits, you have yourself another playmaker which RR can turn into a star. 


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Nealy is a decent back, but I sure hope Michigan can pull in a more talented recruit, too.  He's tiny and dances quite a bit.  I think he could play a role, but he's no Demetrius Hart.

I also think Nealy could play slot receiver.


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I see you're one of the many people that get caught up in star ratings and hype machine. Truth is no one knows how a recruit will turn out.  Plenty of 5 start recruits have been busts, and plenty of 2 and 3 star recruits have made the pros and had successful careers.  Do Nealy some justice and don't shun the kid off because he's just some "decent recruit that could play WR"  Nealy is a good recruit who with a year of work in the weight room with Barwis could have the chance to be a spitting image of Noel Divine, or Reynaud.  I hope potential recruits don't get on this sight and see how quick everyone is to down play one recruit in favor for another.  If he got an offer and scheduled a visit, I'll take the coaches word for it and give him a chance.


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I watch film on every recruit Michigan offers bro.  Hart is insane but you act like Nealy is a no one.  I wonder what Nealy would think of your thoughts of him being a "guy that can probably play the slot."  I'm all in for Hart too, I just can't stand people that sit there and bitch about how Michigan recruits.  IF you knew more then the current staff you wouldn't blog and pretend you're better then anyone else.


September 21st, 2010 at 10:41 PM ^

I guess I was acting like Nealy "is a no one" when I said he's a decent recruit, right?

And where did I bitch about how Michigan is recruiting running backs?

The only real issue I have with Michigan's recruiting over the past couple years is that there have been too many non-qualifiers/transfers, and that's irrelevant to this discussion.


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Magnus is a coach. With coach knowledge. Therefore, it's a general tendency for this blog to rely on his analysis, sometimes more than the average joe such as yourself or myself. He's not complaining about how they're recruiting, just saying that Dee Hart is a better option. .

Edit: Dang it Magnus how in the world am I supposed to defend you if you keep beating me to the punch.


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You can disagree with me all you want.

But your statement that I'm caught up in recruiting rankings is beyond ridiculous if you know anything about my opinions.

I was never a big fan of Cissoko (a highly rated recruit), and I'm solidly in Shawn Conway's corner (a middling 3-star).

But you're a badass because you "DGAF."  Internets beware!


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I wouldn't be surprised if Nealy is being recruited as the replacement for whatever role Tony Drake was going to fill. While not a perfect match, they seem like very similar players.


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I was in Moticello last month. Great chicken places there. I dig AJ's Wings and Things... Oh, I don't know much about Nealy, but I know good wings...

Sorry, this was probably my least useful posting ever...


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Can anyone tell me why, after three years, our defense is so horrible, and we are not agressively recruiting linebackers and other defensive playmakers?

This is getting ridiculously frustrating. I know the cupboard was bare, but I don;t see us actively trying to fill it either. Does no one want to come to mich to play defense? Am I missing something?


September 21st, 2010 at 11:03 PM ^

Give me a freakin break! Play defense. I am tired of excuses for not improving. Our recruits didn't pan out. How in Carr's 14 years did we not say this???? We have said it all three years RR has been here!!!!

I love it on here how people make excuses and then blast people who call it how they see it. NO IMPROVEMENT


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Have you ever watched Michigan football ever?
<br>We've never ever had good linebackers or safeties ever!!! (besides every blue moon).
<br>I'm done and going to bed. You aren't worth my time or energy


September 22nd, 2010 at 3:46 PM ^

Woodley was a DE
<br>Harris was only good for a year or 2
<br>Jones was 10 years ago
<br>Burgess was a safety until his final year then he was a good linebacker
<br>Foote again this was like 10 years ago.
<br>So that's 2 linebackers in 10 years that were linebackers their entire time here.
<br>1 position switcher
<br>1 guy who sat behind others for 2 years until becoming studly
<br>1 guy who was a DE
<br>As I said once in a blue moon


September 22nd, 2010 at 3:53 PM ^

I just assumed that "never ever" (even when tempered by "once in a blue moon") would mean nearly none (as you accurately noted about the safeties).  

Don't sleep on our past LB's.  Most schools would kill for 5 pros like that (even if they were only good for "a year or two" or switched positions).  We aren't Penn State with LB's, but we used to be pretty good.