Devin a positive outlier amongst highly touted 2010 QB class

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Thought this was pretty cool, essentially among the 31 quarterbacks rated as 4-or-5 stars in 2010 (considered an exceptionally strong year for the position), Devin is one of three sure thing starters still at the school that he signed with originally. 2 others are in contention, a few have transferred and other have flamed out already. Food for thought.



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I forget where I read it, but somebody wrote that if he were eligible, Brett Hundley would have been the top QB picked in the 2013 NFL Draft.  I always really liked Hundley, and there are significantly more high-impact QBs from the 2011 class than Gardner's 2010 class.  Due to that reason, I somewhat expect a few high-profile QBs to leave early after the upcoming season (perhaps Bridgewater, Hundley, Hogan, Manziel, etc.).


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Jake Heaps was the highest-rated QB prospect and was the 63rd overall recruit on Rivals

The rest of the Rivals Top 5 QBs for 2010:

2. Phillip Sims - 67th

3. Connor Wood - 113th

4. Brett Nottingham - 122nd

5. Jesse Scroggins - 124th


Compared to 2013's QB class:

1. Max Browne - 7th

2. Christian Jackenberg - 24th

3. Troy Williams - 71st

4. Hayden Rettig - 73rd

5. Shane Morris - 81st



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Heaps still has a chance to be very, very good.  When Heaps was a soph at BYU, he went 2-2 against Ole Miss (W), Texas (L), Utah (L) and UCF.  He was relieved in game five against Utah State, and senior Riley Nelson led the team to a come from behind victory.  Nelson was given the job and was allowed to start against all of the tomato cans on the schedule, until he was injured in the Idaho game.

Heaps startred the following week against a tomato can (New Mexico State) and won 42-7, but he was benched as soon as Nelson was healthy the next week.   He was a bit immature about it, but I could see his point.  His record against legit competition was compared to Nelson's record against tomato cans. 

He has two years to succeed under Charlie Weis.  If he is mature enough now, he may justify his status as a highly-ranked recruit.  

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I hate name changing trolling, but I give the benefit of the doubt on this one because the h-key and j-key are right next to each other.

Plus, it sounds so immature it's funny. Jackenberg. You guys crack me up!


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Even more impressive considering he sat behind Denard for 2.5 years. The guy is a true team player and his patience is paying off.


EDIT: 2.5 years, not 3.5


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Devin is in grad school as a RS junior.  He is a 5-star who actually came to school for the education.  No matter how the next two years turn out, DG will be a leader in life.


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Only 1 QB in that class has the talent and drive to transition from "dual threat" to a pro style starter. Devin will eventually be a first round NFL pick


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"Of the 31 QBs ranked as blue-chip prospects, 22 of them bolted to try to play somewhere else. That is 71 percent of those 31 quarterbacks." - from the article

That's a rather jarring statistic to me - I didn't realize the rate of transfer was so high in that class of QBs. In a way, it does make Devin's story one of the best ones in the lot of QBs from the 2010 recruiting class, and I think his work ethic and team-mindedness have definitely contributed to that being possible.

Even better, as someone mentioned, Devin is thriving in a system which is not the one for which he was recruited - he seems to be an excellent student of the game, on top of everything else, not to mention an excellent student in the classroom.

Contrast those numbers with the QBs in 2011, as the article does, and it really is night and day in terms of overall success of the group. Extremely glad to have one of the success stories here in Ann Arbor. 

Interesting read. Thanks for sharing this. 

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There were three highly-rated QBs in the state of Michigan that year.  He could have gone for Bolden or the kid who went to MSU and ended up hurt (after doing nothing).  He picked the right guy.