Devin looked really good out there

Submitted by ElGuapo on September 25th, 2010 at 5:29 PM

The kid has a bright future.    He really had 2 touchdown passes (both back to back) and 1 running touchdown.    I was especially pleased with his deep throws and with how he brought back memories of Vince Young with his scoring run.

It was good to finally see Tate get some action and he obviously delivered.   And Denard did his usual thing.    All of our QB's looked good but I thought Devin was particularly impressive considering he is just a true freshman.   




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He did indeed. It wasn't his fault the defense had a hiccup while he was in. He doesn't look explosive compared to Denard's speed, but he definitely looks fast and fits the Vince Young prototype, but with a better arm. He's going to be scary good in 2 years.

Can we imagine Denard's senior year with DG coming in as a change-of-pace junior QB? Matchup issues for every defense!


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whether or not playing after seeing DRob on the field if that visual information was skewing my thought process that Devin was not as fast as i thought he would be.  Maybe that he is a freshman and the game has not slowed down enough for him yet?  or somehow he is caught up in a dilithium time warp?  Go Blue!


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He did, he just needs to not try to do too much.  There was one run he had the potential for about 6-8 yards, danced around and got about 1-2 yards.  I think he's going to be an outstanding quarterback in due time.


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Okay I get it, you newbs are obsessed with starting threads, but please look at the damn board before posting this crap.  As if 4 wasn't enough, I'm sure this won't be the last.


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A) That is awesome

B) You really must be into the PSU-Temple slapfight.  (I'm hoping for Texas, 'Bama to go down)

C) I totally think we shuld have Denard and Tate alternate snaps!!!!!!!111111  Maybe even on the field at the same time!!!!!!!!1111111  O$U, Lil' Bro, they're all going down!!11111111 

EDIT: D) I really like Denard's smile, and he's fast, I just feel like Tate manages the game better.  Rich Rod should totally listen to me.


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an inexperience from DG and the speed of the game is too fast for DG.  He kind of thinks that he is in HS, he tries to bounce too much on the outside instead of cutting to get 3-4 yards.

Kind of makes you appreciate Denard's running.  He's is in an another world as a runner.  He's outstanding in setting up blocks and just explodes once he see the hole.


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Here at the Rich Rodriguez Center For Children Who Can Play Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too, we teach you that there's more to life than being really, really ridiculously good-looking.


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One thing about Devin that I thought was better in high school was his initial quickness.  At times today he looked down right slow.  However he made some very nice throw and had a nice run on a third down conversion and of course on his TD run.  Glad we have not 1 not 2 bu 3 nasty QB's that can get the job down whenever asked.


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...but he looked like the number three QB today.  He seemed a step slower than the guy who was the "best WR in Nike camp" or whatever it was last year.  I agree, though, that it was probably a case of indecision more than being physically slow.  Besides, everyone looks slow compared to Denard. 

Best of all, though, he looked great on that last touchdown.  He definitely has a lot of potential.


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With the amount of venom that gets spewed from fellow UM fans for starting repeitive posts.  After seeing another thread heading on the mgoboard that apparently angers them to no end they still:

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4. if they're lucky, will get another hate filled poster to agree with them and they can post back and forth about how idiotic redundant posters are.

Annnnnd on to the OP's comments:

What we will have to realize about Devin is that he is not fast like Vince Young was.  The similarities between the two is in their stature and throwing mechanics (kind of).  While Vince looked like he wasn't moving that fast while being one of the fastest players on the field, DG actually is not moving fast. When the team had races In the early Spring, he finished behind both Denard (obviously) and Tate (maybe not so obvious).

Devin also looked like he had trouble with the deep balls as both were underthrown.  However, this is an issue that will definitely get better with more practice and experience.  Nevertheless, he was incredibly accurate with his shorter throws.

If he is going to be our future at QB, which I assume he will be, our offensive calls will be much different than they are now with Denard in.  While DG is a great passer and I'm sure the deep ball will come around, you can't teach speed and us, as fans, should adjust our expectations of DG as his career progresses


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athlete who glides.  DG glides but is pretty darn fast for his size.  He can run but he needs experience and he bounce outside too much which is why he looks slow.  DG is definitely the future and has the highest ceiling out of all of the QB on the team which is amazing considering how incredible Denard has been this year plus Tate had a few great games last year.


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Disagree, I don't think that DG's ceiling is higher than Denard's.  Denard is a true sophomore and can learn to become a much much better passer.  While DG can catch up to Denard's throwing abilities, he can't learn to get faster.  Denard's ceiling is definitely higher. 

I'm not a DG hater at all.  I believe he is the future, albeit distant future) of this program.  However, he simply is not that fast.  A successful offense with DG at the helm will not resemble a successful offense with Denard at the helm in terms of play calling and how the massive amounts of yardage are gained. 


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While Devin doesn't have the explosive speed of Denard that doesn't mean he has a higher ceiling. That is completely wrong. Speed isn't the only tool that a quarterback uses. Gardner has size and speed in the same package. If you don't think Gardner is fast check out some of his highlights. He's plenty fast. You claim Forcier beats Gardner in foot races but watching them on the field, their difference in speed on the field is night and day. Gardner effortlessly gets past defenders. Height is something that Robinson is limited with.

In our system Vince Young wouldn't be dominating in the running game like Denard does either. Large players like Vince Young, Devin Gardner, and Terrelle Pryor use the threat of pass to gain ground and glide past defenders when they run. Their size allows them to see over defensive players and they are always a threat to throw on the run, this is why they are dangerous in a different way than a guy like Robinson is. Robinson is very dangerous because of his explosive speed but his size prevents him from tossing the ball when defenders are spying him or conataining him, looking to bat down balls that he throws. Denard needs a good passing angle whereas players like Vince Young and Devin Gardner are truely unpredictable because their size allows them to let go of the ball from a much higher release point.

For Rich Rod's style of offense I think Denard is a better fit but that does not mean he has a higher ceiling. The sky is the ceiling for Devin Gardner. He has size, speed, and a very strong arm. Very accurate throwing on the run, quick release. Everything scouts drool over he has. Not to mention he was very impressive today in his first college game. He has a very cool demeanor which should not be underestimated for a quarterback. Don't get me wrong I think Denard is perfect for our system and an amazing quarterback who I can't see Gardner ever starting over while in college. That being said, don't sleep on Gardner's limitless potential. He has every physical tool that a QB needs at the NFL level. I think we should all be happy we have 3 QB's that can win football games at this level. I'm confident with all of their varying abilities.


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Devin did look good. He doesn't have the acceleration like Denard but you can tell he's definitely fast.  The best way i can think of it is that his "first" gear isn't as good as denards but his "5th" gear is very good. With that said, Devin reminds me a LOT of pryor.