Devin Gil AND Josh Metellus decommit from their previous team during Michigan visit

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On Michigan visit… RT @SleeperAthletes: #Flanagan HS (FL) 2016 LB/DB Devin Gil (@devin_gil) decommits from the #Miami #Hurricanes

— LG (@LanceGordon) June 14, 2015


Confirmed Hollywood (FL) Flanagan S @NoExcuses_23 has decommitted from #GASouthern. Visiting #Michigan/has offer:

— Steve Lorenz (@TremendousUM) June 14, 2015



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will commit. Crystal Ballz are quickly going Michigan's way. It would be great if their teammate Devin Bush Jr. would join them.

It does sound like there could be a rush of commitments coming.



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More exceptions to the rule.


As even this blog has pointed out higher star kids on average pan out more than lower star kids. That's the reality of it. Does that means these kids won't pan out? Of course not. But statistically-speaking the higher star kids do pan out at a higher rate than lower star kids.


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There are so many great players in Florida, Georgia and Texas that a three-star from those states may very well be better than a four-star from other states.  This could be due to much better competition on an average or it could be due to services being leery of rating "too many" players from one region so highly.  

I can't wait to see what Harbaugh does with these guys.

Mich OC

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Yeah that makes sense if you are randomly selecting 3 stars vs 4 and 5 stars in one of the recruiting sites databases. But these are not a random selection. These are players harbaugh and the staff have seen in person and offered.

It is not accurate to blindly apply the general 3 star success rate to any one specific coach. The numbers are not the same. I'm guessing harbaugh can hit about 50/50 with these lower rated kids, which is about the general "hit rate" of a 4 star prospect.

Every year there are hundreds of 3 star and lower players that turn into productive college players. I think there's a good chance that many of the kids harbaugh is offering are from that pool.


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What's your point?  Is it your point that Harbaugh is unable to flesh out the roster with higher rated players?  Is it your point that Harbaugh is being cavalier?  Or is it your point that Harbaugh is purposely attempting to sabotage the program?  Because beyond that I don't think anybody is in the least impressed with your opinion of the impressiveness of the offered recruits.


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Definately looking at a lot of raw players with plenty of speed and athleticism.

IMO the coaching staff is very comfortable with the current roster and think they have time to develop a bunch of under-the-radar players with a lot of potential.

Hope I am right.


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recruiting groups of people from specific areas where the kids are friends to entice several to come.

Thery are recruiting New Jersey kids as a group. California as another group. The Prattville pipeline. Flannigan seems to be another big target and it appears to be working. It would seem like there would be a much higher rate of success over trying to pry one kid from an area.