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According to wikipedia: "Perhaps Whitfield's greatest professional accomplishment is reflected in the Heisman Trophy awarded to Johnny Manziel (aka "Johnny Football") whom he groomed in the summer of 2012. Manziel's rise from obscurity to becoming the first player in history to win the prestigeous award as a freshman can, in large part, be credited to his work under Whitfield's guidance."

That sounds alright to me!


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I hadn't even heard his name until Johnny Football broke out last year, and then Braxton Miller spent some time with him this winter too.

What makes him a "quarterback guru?"

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There are two big names when it comes to private quarterback coaches, George Whitfield jr and Terry Shea. These two guys work with the biggest QB's in the NFL, as well as the biggest college quarterbacks coming out in the draft.

Last year Whitfield worked with Andrew Luck and Cam Newton the year before, Shea worked with RGIII.

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I believe Steve Clarkson was the original and should probably be included along with those names.

He's working with Wilton Speight once a month in Southern California and tutored Roethlisberger, Leinart, Barkley, Clausen, etc. etc.


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Yep, and like every other major QB today as well. ESPN just had a huge fluff piece on Manziel working with the guy. Also Newton was one of his projects. Braxton Miller worked with him this winter and OSU fans were raving about his improved throwing through spring supposedly. Did Martinez work with him last off season as well, or did he work with a different QB coach?


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So Braxton Miller and Devin Gardner are both putting in work with Whitfield, huh?

When Big Ten defensive backs go to sleep tonight they better say a little prayer of thanks for Andrew Maxwell so that they can still get a few interceptions.

And yes, he's worked with a laundry list of top QBs the past few years like Andrew Luck, Cam Newton, RGII, Johnny Manziel, Roethlisberger. The guy knows his stuff:


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Devin can only get better, and it shows that Borges can subjugate his ego enough to let Devin go to Whitfield for training.  


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Doesn't he run his academy out of San Diego?  Where are they training now becuase that looks a lot more like Michigan than California and who is paying the bill for his services?  Just sort of curious but, either way I'm very excited about what Devin's gonna do this season.


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Read an ESPN mag article (had a free year) on this guy a year or so ago. He really sees the position as I do in that it requires a completely different way or practicing than any other position. He uses unusual methods but the guy basically came from nowhere on word of mouth from Warren Moon. IIRC, that is how he landed his first real major client in Cam Newton and Newton swears by him. Then he was contaced by Andrew Luck and Luck also says the guy is ana amazing QB coach/guru/trainer.


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We'll see what happens with a full offseason/fall practice will do for him.  I have very high hopes for him bursting out the gates.


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If Gardner wins the Heisman, would he stay for his final season? It may depend on if the team wins the NC this season or if the team has a good chance of wining in 2014.


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Based on his physical attributes and the offense that Michigan runs, if Devin Gardner wins the Heisman (which is incredibly unlikely), he will be a top five, and likely first overall pick in the draft, and there is no possible way that he will stay for a Redshirt senior year.


None of us will care about that, because the worst possible scenario if Gardner puts up a Heisman season is a Rose Bowl, and more likely is a National Championship Game berth.

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He really does seem to have a good head on his shoulders and looks at the big picture. Now if he has an incredibly brilliant year and looks polished and refined and is projected to be a a top 10 pick I will not fault him for leaving but if not i think he will be back. Seems like a really good kid enjoying his college years to the fullest in every capacity.