Devin Gardner on "Inside the Huddle"

Submitted by You Only Live Twice on August 21st, 2018 at 12:28 PM

Devin Gardner has a new segment on Michael Spath's "Inside the Huddle" on WTKA.  Heard a few minutes of it just now.  Apparently the segment will be called "Monday Morning Quarterback" (there is a segment on Sam Webb's show with the same name, featuring Andy Minery. ) 

Really looking forward to hearing perspectives and commentary from a man who has walked in the QB shoes! 



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Spath just brought up how in the 2013 shoot out against Indiana, only three receivers caught the ball. 503 passing yards (Gallon had 369 yards, 14 receptions)


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Why is there so much dislike of Spath on the Michigan fan sites? It's not exactly can't miss radio, but it's Michigan related content so it's much better than the drivel at 97.1. He tries a bit too hard to do the "fair and balanced" thing with the team, but it's not like he's a Marcus Ray clone on that front (tried wayyyy too hard and ended up just being ridiculously annoying...the type where I'd turn the station to actively avoid listening).


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I think you answered your own question. I know it's hard in sports to be objective but he really takes it too far. He said if he had a choice he'd take Lewerke as his QB over Patterson because Lewerke is a known quantity. In response I tweeted him his stats from the Michigan game and his response was "there is only one stat that matters." This is not intellectual discussion. This is trying to prove how much better your brain is than someone else's. You can have your opinions and biases while also stating objective facts and he doesn't seem capable of that.


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Yeah, but the guy is basically starting from scratch with radio. He did some writing for Rivals, but assume he never had a background or formal training on talking about sports full time. Probably takes some time to find your voice and find that healthy medium (being objective about a team while being a fan). Definitely prefer him on my airwaves instead of someone like Pat Caputo.


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Good Example of what's annoying with Spath.  He's pretty good for the most part but he has a burr in his ass about Harbaugh and instead of taking reasoned stances like he does with the basketball team he goes Valenti and goes hot takes with the football team instead of actual analysis.   Taking extreme stances with no nuance is annoying and coming from a Michigan station it's infuriating.   

Prior to the bowl game he was proposing benching half the team to let the young guys play to get ready for next year because it didn't matter.   Michigan of course didn't do that but because of injuries they ended up playing a bunch of young guys.   It went poorly obviously and he has been in a meltdown ever since.   He's stabilized the last few weeks but it's still go t a negative tone to it.

The Fugitive

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Zach Shaw is the best part of that show, I think he's great and provides some thoughtful counters to Michael.

That said, I enjoy Spath too and the show overall. 

It's definitely better than jackass Bill Simonson or those morans on 96.1 that we get stuck with on the West Side. Be grateful you're not anchored down with them. 


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Overall, I like the show, but one problem I have is that Spath spends WAY too much time arguing how I should feel if Michigan's record is ...  I don't care at all what I think the answer is for me.  I'll worry about it if and when we get there.  I sure as hell don't care what other callers think they'll feel in the event.  And I pretty much have to turn the show off if I'm getting lectured from someone else about how I should feel.

Also agree on the "objectivity" point.  Fine, Spath loves D'Antonio.  Don't know why I have to hear about it every week.  Instead, let's talk about what a dick he is.  It's sports, not public policy.


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Unfortunately, Devin was let go from the Saskatchewan Rough Riders last week.  

The Riders beat the first place Stampeders on Sunday in a very exciting game.  What made it more interesting is that it was a "Live Mike" game, meaning that they broadcast the quarterback calls in the huddle live on TV.  Was really informative hearing how complex some of the calls were.   Of course there were a few other choice words that ended being caught by the mikes  - game was broadcast with a "Some people may be offended" caution.


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Gardner epitomized everything it means to be a "Michigan Man."  He left it all on the field, kept his chin up during a very dark period of time, was a good student and, from all accounts, was a fine human being.