Devin Gardner Every Pass/Run vs. Northwestern

Submitted by DGDestroys on November 12th, 2012 at 1:59 AM

Made another every run/pass play for DG this week, sans hiccups (except for first Gallon pass) and extraneous Rawls runs. 



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I very much agree, and especially so when we're talking about a guy who was reportedly taking no reps at the position just a few short weeks ago and has, in two starts, accumulated stats which amount to a 172.09 rating at QB. If he qualified statistically for the actual NCAA Division I leaderboard, he would be the second-highest rated QB right now, between Marcus Mariota and Tajh Boyd.


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from that team down south, sans the tattoos and awful attitude.  Devin is probably a better passer and a bit less dynamic of a runner but still can do some great things with his legs when needed.

I would expect Borges to incorporate a few more designed runs next year when we have an available, competent backup QB.  (This is meant as no knock on Bellomy.....I get the feeling neither he nor Denard were really game-ready healthwise the last 2 weeks.)


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It's funny how much I got used to Threet/Sheridan, Forcier, and Denard I forgot what a Michigan pocket passer used to look like. Not meaning that in a bad way.

Some of those throws were just excellently placed like at 6:33 or the touchdown to Funchess at the 7:20 mark or even the throw at 8:55 where he threaded the needle although it was a bit dangerous.

I have been frustrated in a game or two when Denard has targeted Funchess and has failed to realize he's a monster and has thrown it where a normal human being would have their hands rather than about a foot higher where he should have been throwing it.

It's going to be tough if Denard remains hurt through the Iowa game and Devin plays really well to put Denard back in as the starter for The Game...especially coming off injury.

Did people on here notice when he chest bumped Devin after one of the TDs he grabbed his arm immediately?


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Has anybody noticed there was a second M guy (#10) near the intercepted pass that was clearly going to have a big catch & run if Devin threw to him? Just saying.


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Someone tweeted that at Ace and Heiko during the game. I just saw it when I was cutting it up and felt that I had to include it. Just like I kept in the Devin/Devin celebration after their touchdown because I liked it, and kept the NW celebration in after the INT because #67 comes up and hits Schofield on the helmet, which I thought was something. Schofield certainly showed more restraint than I would have been able to show. 


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One of my big concerns about Gardner coming into this season was his decision making ability. It seemed like he tried to force things whether it was the run or passes down the field. It looks like he has matured a lot as far as knowing when to run, knowing his receivers, or even taking a sack. He has been nothing short of a revelation in the absence of Denard. 

EDIT: To add, I'm not saying I doubted him, but based off SSS, he didn't look great. He has looked fantastic for the most part these last two games.


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After watching DG for 2 games now, the offense next year will be ok. Not great, but solid I think. I don't think he's lit the world on fire the last 2 weeks, but it has gone better than expected for a guy who hasn't even practiced at QB in weeks. Imagine when DG gets more reps and experience at QB. The throws that were late or off target will improve because he will be more comfortable back there and more in tune with his wrs.


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You have to be impressed with the way Gardner has led the team.  I'd guess he has had very limited time in practice at QB all year.  Give Denard a snap or two next week closing out his career at Mich but Gardner is the QB.  Put Denard in positions that he can be a threat every time Michigan snaps the ball.  He is one amazing athlete.  Let's see what he does.  He isn't going to play QB at the next level.


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It will certainly be a courageous, if not painfully obvious decision to play Devin over Denard in the last two games.

IMO, Devin (admittedly small sample size) is a much better QB than Denard.  Will Hoke play Denard over Devin if healthy?

This, to me, looms as a major question to end the season. 

In one way, it's very easy.

On the other hand...


Ron Utah

November 12th, 2012 at 12:41 PM ^

I have been impressed with DG, but I wanted to take a look at all his throws and see where he needed to improve, how many bad throws he had, and how many of his incompletions were actually good plays.  Here's the result:

  • 13 incomplete passes
  • 2 drops
  • 2 batted passes at the line (one of which was a GREAT play)
  • 2 throw aways (one of which avoided a safety)
  • 1 "safe" throw (put it where only his WR could get it; WR didn't have enough separation so it was caught out of bounds)
  • 1 ball that was overthrown (end zone to Gallon) but still catchable

Of his 13 incomplete passes, 8 were good plays.  5 were not:

  • 1 INT
  • 1 Bad decision that should have been an INT (into triple-coverage in the middle of the field)
  • 2 underthrown passes, one of them late
  • 1 overthrown pass

He also had one throw that wasn't very good, but was still caught (Gallon's long reception; the throw was late and underthrown...should have been a TD).

So in 29 attempts, he had a total of 6 poor throws.  2 of those were really bad choices, 3 were underthrown (two of those were late) and was overthrow.

That means that 79.3% of his passes were good throws, and if you add the completion to Gallon (which was still good enough to be a catch) the number jumps to 82.8%.  Anything over 80% is very good for a college quarterback.  I haven't charted Denard, but would guess he is im the 60-70% range.

Now, the question is: can he do this against a better defense?  Perhaps we'll find out this year, but what we can sleep comfortably knowing is that he is already making very good decisions (hardest thing for a QB to do) and should only get better with experience and an offseason of being "the guy."

The future is bright.


November 12th, 2012 at 4:53 PM ^

In looking at just the Devin plays, one thing i've noticed is that a chunk of those incompletions are pretty difficult timing throws with receivers headed towards the sideline. I think there were at least three against NW that the throw coming a split second earlier means a completion.

His problem at this point is being a little late with the throw, whether it means the receiver doesn't have room to make the catch or it allows the safety to come over to the ball. But i also figure this to be a problem that goes away with experience and comfort.