Devin Gardner can fly

Submitted by Moleskyn on May 3rd, 2013 at 1:21 PM

Saw this via Whitfield's Twitter account:

Also, another picture from his workout:

I'm really excited to see him on the field this fall!



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The man is at minimum 6'4" and more than likely would need to leap roughly only 16 inches to reach the 10' rim. I think you are persuaded by what he does with his feet that might give the imrpression of being higher than he actually is. A better measurement, given his height and average corresponding reach for same, would be how high his hand-wrist at rim level-is when he dunks the ball. That would indicate a leap of about 26 inches and that is, of course while moving. This is in no way out of the ordinary, especially for a man his size. I have no idea if he was merely attempting to dunk the ball leisurely or if he was actually attempting to do so with maximum lift. That would also make a difference I'm certain.   


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What evidence is there to support that this video changed his idea of Devin (or his daughter, for that matter)? There is not. You also missed the point: "Devin is a stand-up guy." Devin has character attributes  such that he would want Devin to date his daughter (he wants his daughter to find qualified matches). And finally, the killer: why would Devin be qualified to date his daughter(s) if and WHEN he has them? Dear god, I don't think Devin is qualified to date a newborn daughter. Magnus, this comment is an abomination, and the world needs an apology. 


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I was so worried about the QB position for 2013. At that point Devin had very limited experience at QB and was solely focused on being a WR. I was also worried about throwing a freshman in there even though it worked quite nicely with Henne. However the way he stepped in and performed and the way he is training in the offseason is so exciting. Can't wait to see him play the next two years while it allows Morris to ease into the system and be ready once Devin leaves. The start of the season couldn't come soon enough. I'm ready!


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But for the love of everything holy please avoid freak accidents, as our insurance policy looks bleak beyond DG. Every time I see one these videos I'm reminded of stories like Suggs last year. I know injuries can happen anywhere, doing anything, but lets try and stay healthy going into the fall season. Go Blue!