Devin Funchess and Frank Clark light it up in debut

Submitted by Blueblood2991 on August 15th, 2015 at 1:37 AM

After Jake Ryan had a great performance for GB yesterday, Funchess and Clark had stellar performances in their first NFL action.

Clark lead the team with 9 tackles and had a forced fumble.

Funchess finished with 2 catches for 53 yards.  Both catches were quite difficult too.

Check out this sideline tip-toe (NFL won't let you embed copyrighted clips)

Also noteworthy: Denard got the start at RB for the Jags and played 2 series.  He had 4 carries for 22 yards(5.5 avg)

I know its only preseason, but Wolverines are representing well thus far.



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And I was a big supporter of Hoke. I think that's why my meltdown during last year's ND game was so huge. That is when I finally figured out all those great recruits weren't jelling to live up to expectations. Great to see this very early success from these guys, and I hope it continues....but with that, I also feel so bad for Devin. I hope he lands somewhere where he can play and fulfill that dream. I think he had more in him, and it's a shame.


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Reposting, because I've posted so late on a couple of other chains that they dropped off the fast-moving front page: 

After clearing the waiver wire (where he was "waived-injured"), the Steelers took him back to go on their IR list.  Speculation as to whether the drops were due to being already injured, perhaps in the first couple of passes to him that were heavily defended, but it seems they saw enough of him in practice to want to keep him available for the future. 


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We still don't know what Hoke would have actually done if David Brandon wasn't dictating the offense to him. Brandon made him try to play 1970's football in the 2010's.  No wonder he didn't get anything out of his teams.  I am as pissed as you are, but my ire goes 100% to David Brandon.


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It is pretty well known at this point that Brandon did have a huge role in several of the coordinator hires, that he sat in with Hoke during film study and that he did give his views on football strategy.


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I mean we all damn well know these guys were talented.

I just don't think the focus and accountability was there at all last season.

There were a lot of opportunties for these guys to make plays despite the all the issues and it rarely happened in the MUST HAVE SPOTS.  

In those moments Ohio State makes the play.  We never did and would then let it carry over and bury us.



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"It would be hard to play all out all the time under Hoke"

-said Devin Gardner never.  I would guess for Funchess it was a combination, he got injured early and thought it wasn't worth killing himself for that team.  Which frankly is the most rational response.

Poor damn Gardner thought it WAS worth killing himself for that team.  I don't judge Funchess any more negatively for that, just that it makes me like Gardner that much more.  We better have a cushy Athletic Dept job waiting for him in a few years if he doesn't stick in the NFL


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Alright so check this out. A friend of mine, just got back from dinner with some of his friends. He eats dinner early.

A friend of my friend, happens to have very insidery insider connections with "folks in the know" at the university. He gave my friend quite the nugget, packed with juice. The players were not receiving the highest level of coaching last year.

However, only the most inside of Michigan insiders know this. Including my friend of course, who told me. It'll be going public quite soon, I assure you. You'll all be depressed peckers when the news breaks.

All props to the wiener which is spicy named Carlos.