Devin Bush Quotes on Wisco

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"Just knowing they've got to come in and play us.  They've got to defend against us and try to beat us."

"When you come in and you play Michigan, you're going to have to beat Michigan"

Devin Bush is greatly beneficial to this team.  I love this confident, we should be better than you attitude he demonstrates when discussing opponents.  I think a lot of the lack of success against Ohio State has been a mental block.  We are always close, but can't finish.  Ohio State assumes they are going to beat us every year.  They feel it deep down.  

With this attitude in your leader, Bush is instilling in the other guys that we are the Big Guys, we are the Aggressors that should win every battle.  Its not "Oh if we play well this week we might beat Wisconsin" its "We're going to win, we're going to dominate, they will have a really difficult time trying to beat us"

The placebo affect is clearly powerful in the medical world; it is the same in sports and life in general.  Expect domination, expect victory, expect you are better then the other team.

Side note - that hit he made on Maryland's quarterly the first drive this past Saturday...Talk about setting the tone early!  Bush understands the Intimidation factor, and how important the psychology aspect of the game is.  Penalty or not, after that hit the Maryland QB knew he was in for a long, violent game.  



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Talk about almost getting ejected the 1st defensive series. Listen I don't care whether players talk or if they don't, my issue is when you talk you better be the best player on the field. What players say really has nothing to do with a teams performance, it just puts a spot light on the player and the things he says. IMO, Michigan's problem the last 2 years has been the play of the offensive line and QB. Those things have shown their ugly head against the better teams and the rivals, let's change it Saturday. 


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Listen I don't care whether players talk or if they don't, my issue is when you talk you better be the best player on the field. 

My issue is when you bash a player, you better be the best poster on the internet.  This doesn't cut it.  Step it up.


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Should be a great test for both teams. They both want to come out and punch you in the mouth. Roll the balls out, swing away (in a fair and honest competition kind of way), and see who comes out on top. 


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I love his attitude. Something I haven't seen in a long time. His quotes on hating MSU particularly. He gets it. I've long said its been a confidence and attitude issue with this program. Not talent.


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I am not the one to advocate head hunting or dirty play, but I really hope we blow someone's knee out this weekend.  Two seasons ago, they almost killed Grant Newsome and ended his career with a dirty play, and last year they knocked out Peters with another dirty play, both of which were clearly intentional and went unpunished.  I would hope we can get a non-targeting type injury, or even have a redshirt candidate LB go out there and exact some vengeance.  

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This kind of post is terrible. Your account is now blocked and you should feel bad. 


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I get you're frustrated with how the Newsome injury played out and I get that it looked dirty for the Wisconsin linebacker to go at Newsome's knee the way he did. That situation sucked and it still sucks, it sucks for Grant, it sucks for the football team and it sucks for you, the fan.

But I want to encourage you to step away from the hate. Grant has been through a lot of stress dealing with this injury and his dream of playing football was taken away from him because of that play. You shouldn't wish that same stress on anyone else not even the player who caused all of this to begin with.

Nobody hits harder than life but its not how hard you can hit back its about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. Like i said before, you are frustrated and its 100% fair to be frustrated but release the hate within you and turn that energy into a positive wish for a Michigan victory. 

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'I am not one to advocate head hunting or dirty play, but I really hope we blow someone's knee out this weekend'

You are exactly the type to advocate dirty play as you did just that. GTFO of here with that shit.

They are an opponent but they are also fellow humans. Seriously you are an embarrassment to the Michigan fanbase with that garbage. 


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I left it up to shame the post. If one of the senior members of the moderating crew would like to delete, they can do so. I’m new here to moderating so I’ll let the big people take care of that if need be. The posting history does not reflect anything as terrible as this post. 


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I, too, don't want to see players injured, but it goes back more than a few years. If my memory serves me right, wasn't Bielma's response to holding during a game with Michigan to go for the knees, and didn't a Michigan lineman have a knee injury from such a cheap shot?


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I guess what Darius Slay did to David Bakhtiari when he dove low at him is dirty but that's a standard play by a DB because they're being coached to do it when the OL are pulling to the outside. Why would the DB take on OL head on when the OL outweigh them by at least 80 lbs?

It's just unfortunate that Newsome got hurt on a standard play


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DB's going low on linemen is a totally legal play.  Well, I didn't see Slay's play, but the hit Newsome took was fully legal.  Whether it should be legal is a different question (I think it should be).  The simple fact is that Newsome had some horrid timing between when his foot planted, the angle his leg was on, and when the hit arrived.

Also, that UW DB had no intention whatsoever of ending Grant's career.  He just made the only play that was presented.  He did what he was coached to do.  Stop acting like it was intentional.

4th and Go For It

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I think one of the more encouraging signs this season so far for me has been the perceived "toughness" across this team - Bush, Mason, the emerging D-Line, the O-Line getting there as well. It felt like against NW and Maryland that despite the slow starts points-wise this team knows it's going to get stronger all game while the opponent gets tired. The O-Line isn't quite imposing its will yet, but it does seem like they're convinced they can out-tough the other team. Will see if that translates these next three weeks. 

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I've been watching Michigan football since the 1960's.  I graduated from Michigan in 1980.  We've had some great linebackers in that time.  Marty Huff; Mike Taylor; Calvin O'Neal; John Anderson; Ron Simpkins; Mike Mallory; Paul Girgash; Andy Cannavino; Erick Anderson; Mel Owens; Ian Gold; Sam Sword; Jarrett Irons.  And even when we call Larry Foote a linebacker and Lamar Woodley a linebacker...  These are All-American quality players; and to my eye, Devin Bush is their equal.  Devin Bush might be more important to Michigan's current great defense, as any of the foregoing guys were to their own class-year Michigan defenses.  (And yes we had some defenses in the 1970's and 1990's that were as dominant as the current Don Brown defenses are.  It feels fantastic to say that.)

True Blue Grit

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I've seen most of those guys play as well.  I'd agree that Bush is one of the best we've seen here.  I think the only guy on that list (or anyone else I've seen) he compares to is Ian Gold.  Both are of that smaller, really fast mold.  But Bush plays even more sideline to sideline than Gold did probably.  BTW, another player I'd add to the above list was David Harris.

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Oh my gosh I just knew that if I started a list like that I would forget somebody.  David Harris for sure!

And interesting; there will always be guys whose physique or skills will translate into great NFL players, or not.  And it really doesn't concern me.  I judge college players by how they played in college.  And I don't really follow the NFL.  But I don't think Michigan ever produced two better NFL linebackers than David Harris and Lamar Woodley.  And of course Woodley didn't really play as a true linebacker at Michigan.  He was a college DE whose body fit perfectly into the Steelers' defense.