Devin Bush Jr - 12:30 PM Announcement Time

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If you are on the twitter this guy will be there to live tweet us the news.  So 12:30 Wed (Bush) and 12:30 Thu (Walker)


Decision from Rivals250 LB Devin Bush tomorrow at 12:30 ET. I'll be at the announcement. If you're into that, I'm your dude. #FSU #Michigan

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Clint covers Michigan and thinks it's FSU...His dad also happens to be the TE coach there. If he had Michigan, I would feel much better about this. I'm trusting in Sam Webb right now and he says Bush is blue.


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I guess my point is that these recruiting "experts" remind me a hell of a lot of the so-called betting "experts" and their iron-clad locks of the week.  I mean after all they have gone 17 for 19 on their AFC South picks this year as documented by handicapers weekly and you'd be a fool to not call their toll-free number and get all this week's winners....GUARANTEED!

Sure feels the same to me.


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If you look at the timeline, it doesn't look good for Michigan. Seems like he gave a silent verbal, then very recently backed out (or has made noise about it) and gave FSU reason for optimism. Sure seems like he's playing one side or the other. 

Find out tomorrow, and I hope I'm wrong. Even though I've never been particularly high on Bush (well, not this kid anyway). We do need LB shaped guys though, so I get the need. 

Cali Wolverine

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a recruit's family or friend or current coach or position coach at a university...that charges overzealous fans of a fan base (guilty as charged) for information that is free and readily known to the aforementioned family, friend or coach...said information that may be true at one point in time, but has changed since communicated to the "expert" because the recruit is in fact a seventeen year old kid that keeps changing his mind...because of new alternative uniforms, coaching changes, coed tour guides, bagmen, other recruits that have committed at their position, weather, etc.

The art of recruiting. I will constantly be refreshing mgoblog tomorrow and Thursday! Go Blue!

Templeton Peck…

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Clint Brewster is really a Seminole in Wolverine clothing! Dude is going off what his old man is pushing, and in this case I think he's letting his family ties get the better of him... Yep, this HAS to be the explanation because Brewster's opinion contradicts my preconceived notion that DBush Jr. is going to be a Wolverine. 


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That wouldn't make any difference. Both coaching staffs feel confident. We all know that. That doesn't mean either staff knows for sure where he is going. One staff is going to be disappointed. The crystal balls that are being put in right now don't mean anything because there is ZERO actual info right now. It's just people's gut feelings. Everyone needs to chill out

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The only thing i know is that none of these analysts has any better grasp of his pick than you or I. Hard to fathom that people pay $ for their "insight" errr guesswork.


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12-16-15 at 12:30

12, 16, 15, 12, 30

12*16*15*12 = 34,560

34,560/30 = 1,152

1,152 * 1.5 = 1728

South Main St. is the most iconic road in Ann Arbor. At 1728 S. Main St. resides one of the entrances to Ann Arbor Golf and Outing. At AAGO, one can park and tailgate prior to a... Michigan football game.

Bush is trying to tell us something with this announcement date and time, methinks...