Devin Bush: "I hate Michigan State"

Submitted by Moleskyn on September 14th, 2018 at 11:03 AM

Devin Bush was a radio show this morning, and had some fiery words:

Michigan junior linebacker Devin Bush Jr. didn’t hesitate during a radio appearance Friday morning when asked which rival he dislikes more, Michigan State or Ohio State...

...“I hate Michigan State,” Bush said. “I don’t like Michigan State. I don’t like Ohio State either, but I just don’t like Michigan State. I don’t want even want to touch that green.”

Personally, I love it. I can't stand either rival, and living in Ohio OSU is higher on the list for me, but MSU is so obnoxious. I hope UM goes into East Lansing in October and humiliates Sparty.



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Sparty lives off that “chip on the shoulder” thing so I’m sure they will use it to get fired up. But I’m sure they are plenty fired up anyway. 


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It's the most butt hurt fanbase I've ever run across. Guy I know comes to visit every summer. He wears Spartan shit all the time. If I wear UM stuff once he's all over it. What blows me away is that he is still like that, in the face of all the Nassar bullshit. He had the gall to say 'Shame on Michigan' for not upping Bielens pay sooner. Seriously? We don't give a big contract extension to our coach as fast as you think is correct, but you hide the biggest pedophile in US history, and shame on us? 

The Fan in Fargo

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You can call it the "chip on the shoulder" or you can call it what real men call it. Shards has the "little man syndrome". Bunch of whining and (envious) candy-cane dipshits. They cant just win or lose and shutup. It's a sickness of the mind and it's a deadly sin. There's a reason it's called that. Not to get religious here but the disease they have is without a cure. They are fucked royally until the end of time.


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Sparty also physically kicks our ass almost every year. I'm glad we've gotten back to being competitive with them again.

But I hate state because they also cheap shot our players every game, and never seem to get called for it.

I'm not even upset when Bush took a run at the state linebacker who was talking smack. If they're not going to call all the extra physicality and late/extracurricular hits, then you have get your licks in too.

We've been bullied by state for a loooong time. OSU just beats us, whereas MSU is definitely seeking to injure/humiliate. 

When De'veon Smith slowed down his TD run just before going into the endzone in order to truck that msu linebacker, and then taking it in, that was our best moment against state in, what, a decade maybe?

The chip on the shoulder, even if they are the favored team, has been working for a while.


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I attended Michigan State for a while and had a good time when I was there, but I am a lifelong Michigan fan and I hate MSU with a passion.  But I worked right in the midst of Spartina country and saw first-hand what they are really like.  


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Join the club Devin. 

Skip those rape supporting jack-wagons.  Those donkey-faced monkey-lovers have had so much tom-foolery swept under the rug by both the administration and the prosecutors office.  They can burn in H-E-double hockey sticks for all I care.

trying to minimize my cursing