Devin Bush Behind the Scenes

Submitted by CoverZero on October 15th, 2018 at 4:17 PM

Nice look at Bush Jr and Sr. from BTN. Maybe someone here can embed this.



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How to embed:

Click on YouTube Share

EMBED Copy the embed code

Click on SOURCE on MGoBlog

Paste the embed code

Cick the SOURCE button again (turns off source)

Should see frame of video if successful


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Having the ability to edit an original post would be helpful although I know you have no control over that.  LSA if you ever communicate with Brian will you suggest he ditch this shitty forum software they're using and just outsource the board?  There are so many great places who can host our forums and not make us wait 13 years for basic things like points etc and all the other things that Seth says are taking time, resources and money.  Good bandwidth, solid customizeable forums is a helluvalot cheaper than paying someone to unravel all this Drupalcrapcode that apparently is hard for HUEL


October 15th, 2018 at 5:50 PM ^

Bush's combination of speed and strength is just crazy.   I'd venture he's faster than any inside LB we've ever had, and yet he's strong enough to take on O-Lineman and chuck them aside.

Dude has NFL written all over him.  I'd love for him to stick around, but he is writing his draft ticket.  I can't believe he would go lower than the 2nd round if the draft were held tomorrow, and if I were a GM, I'd consider him in the latter-half of the 1st depending on what was available.   

I'm obviously crazy biased.