Devin Bush appreciation thread

Submitted by Fieldy'sNuts on September 17th, 2017 at 4:06 PM

Three games into his true sophomore season Devin Bush has become my favorite Michigan player to watch at any position. He's tough as nails, has great ball instincts, and he brings it on every play. We could have a future first or second rounder on our hands here. Jake Ryan was a 4th round pick and I'd argue Bush is already better than Ryan was at this point in his career.

Edit: I embedded a sweet gif of Bush sacking Air Force's QB but its no longer in the OP and I'm unable to re-embed it for some reason.

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He'll only get better with more experience. Can't wait to see what Brown can do with the defense as they grow. Opposing OBs on the schedule in future seasons may want to consider transferring.


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and then flies. He reacts as fast as he moves. I think he is going to be a joy to watch for some time. I also love seeing backs run away from Bush only to find they're running toward Gary, Hurst, or Winovich.


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Can't see him being a first or second rounder because of his height. But he certainly appears like he is on his way to being a great college player and one of the best linebackers ever to wear the maize and blue.


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more speed on the field. He covers so much ground from the middle. I would say Bush and Hudson are better than Peppers and Morgan.

Bush really is a game changer. He cleans up a lot of loose plays with his speed.

The whole defense looks so fast. Mo and Gary are going side to side. They played great Saturday. Long and Watson had nice games in run support.

Good stuff.


September 18th, 2017 at 8:58 AM ^

Let's pump the brakes a bit. I love Bush, but I'e seen people here say that he could be one of the "best linebackers ever to wear Maize and Blue".

Jabrill was the center of the nation's best defense, was a two time All-American, a first rounder, and became the first every athlete to win B1G awards on more than one side of the ball...and I don't think people see him as one of the best LB ever to play for Michigan. So for Bush to surpass both those marks would be hard.

Perkis-Size Me

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Just got to hope he stays on the field and doesn't either get injured or ejected for targeting.

But assuming he can avoid those things, he's heading for an All-Conference type of year and possibly more.

Mr. Yost

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Why can't some of you appreciate Bush without knocking Peppers because you're hurt he left without playing in a bowl game or meeting your lofty expectations?