Devin and Ricardo interviewed by Jennifer Hammond at Lions Practice

Submitted by Drake on August 18th, 2009 at 11:36 PM

Short chat between them as they take in a Lions practice.



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Just listening to these two future M stars speak is just more of a reason for us to believe that Michigan is gonna be back soon. I'm a firm beliver that great things happen to individuals with class. Devin and Ricardo from what I have seen on various interviews are true WINNERS! GO BLUE!



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I didn't like the interviewer very much but I like Ricardo and Devin. I'm looking forward to it. It would be great to have a pipeline of dual-threat quarterbacks, if not every year, then every other year, to just graduate one and have the next guy already be a junior and just continue dominating. I know that's hard to do b/c guys wanna come in and play, but imagine if Tate plays 3 or 4 years and is awesome, then graduates/goes pro, and Devin starts the next year already knowing the entire offense. I can dream can't I?


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And please understand (firstly) that I've been a Tate-should-start-ophile (a more wordy, yet less creepily ambiguous version of the derivative "Tate-ophile") since he landed on campus. However, Denard is looking good--really good--in camp. DRob is also doing this with less experience and knowledge of the playbook than Tate.

It is no longer out of the question (maybe it never was out of the question, but I sure didn't used to believe that) that Denard starts this year, before the season ends. I know I'm not the only one bouncing around such conjecture.

And as for bouncing from one conjecture to another: What do you suspect will happen if Denard finishes the season as the apparent long term starter? Will Tate stick around. I sure hope so, yet he's so talented (or so I and all of you think) that he may rightfully believe he can better help another team.

ADDENDUM: This post is saturated with guess work and logical hypothesis building, which is essentially equivalent to "making shit up". Frankly, I don't think it will happen this way. Even still, the likelihood that the next six months play out in the unlikely way I've laid out is nonzero (i.e. it's improbable, but not impossible).

And, what then? Your sexy thought dissolves like a sugar cube in hot tea. Michigan would suffer at QB depth for at least another year. And that possibility alone merits--albeit well tempered--consideration and hypothesis generation of the "Well, that sure would make us freak out" variety.


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I was using an example really. As in, QB "X" starts for 2-3 years, then moves on. Then QB "Y" who has been learning the system for 2 years starts for another year or two, then moves on himself, and so on. I agree Denard will play a good amount this year. It's so hard to recruit 5 and 4 star players when others are already there and head of them on the depth chart. You really have to be confident in your abilities, but it can also lead to transfers when guys realize they're not cutting it and are getting passed up.

Regardless, my dream is to be able to plug guys in with experience in the system, as opposed to graduating someone and having the incoming freshman take over like we've done for the 2nd straight year, and may end up doing next year if Devin comes in and rocks it (although the starter at the end of the year this year will obviously get first dibs).


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I agree that it may become difficult to find 5/4 star QBs every year, which is why RR keeps taking 4/3 QB/ATHs. Some of those lesser rated QBs will make the Mike Hart leap and fill in for the years when we don't have a higher rated player ready.

And I guess all this doesn't matter since we've got a helluva stable of (albeit unproven) QBs for the next 4-5 years...


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I find it odd that this is your "dream" when it is the way that is works at most schools (including Michigan) most of the time. I know that we've had three consecutive QBs start as freshmen, but before Henne there was:

Matt Gutierrez - RS in 2002, Backup in 2003, slated to start in 2004 (before injury)
John Navarre - RS in 1999, Backup in 2000, 3 year starter 2001-03.
Drew Henson - Backup in 1998, Shared time in 1999, Starter in 2000.
Tom Brady - RS in 1995, Backup in 1996-97, 2 year starter in 1998-99.
Brian Greise - RS in 1993, Backup in 1994-95, shared time in 1996, starter in 1997.

I think that we've all collectively contracted short memory syndrome, but even 4 and 5 star QBs don't typically get to start as freshman (and those who do don't tend to fare well). Once we get through the odd transition we're in now, you should expect all starters to be at least RS sophomores (barring injury).


August 19th, 2009 at 7:12 AM ^

People have been bouncing around such conjecture for a long time. I think I'm going to be repeating this until I'm blue in the face:

Robinson did very little in high school to warrant such praise as a college quarterback at Michigan. He didn't throw the ball all that well, and for being one of the fastest kids in the country, he didn't run the ball all that well, either. He could be a good QB down the road, but that probably won't be this year.


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cosign with Magnus. Robinson is undoubtedly a gifted athlete, but the actual record—what they've done in games—shows without question that Tate is by far the better passer, notably in the accuracy department. From the few clips I've seen of fall practice, not to mention the spring game, his ability to get the ball out quickly and hit receivers and RBs in stride, even when on the move, hasn't disappeared. I doubt that RR would start anybody other than the guy who can get the ball most reliably and consistently to the slots, wideouts, TEs, and RBs; it makes little sense to recruit guys like Miller and Stokes otherwise. I would guess that Robinson will see decent amounts of game time this year, but unless he makes gigantic strides and/or Tate regresses as the season goes along, I can't see Robinson starting over Tate.


August 19th, 2009 at 8:32 AM ^

I don't know what the quote, "However, Denard is looking good--really good--in camp." is based on but I sure haven't heard anything about Denard doing so much better than Tate that he could be starting anytime soon.

We need to remember that although Denard might be freaky fast, unless his arm is strong enough and he is accurate enough to keep defenses honest, he won't be a good QB. I think that if Denard was played right now, teams would risk being burned by a throw in order to ensure that they stop him from running.

I haven't heard either way, but I personally doubt that is QB knowledge is good enough to be able to figure out when to actually run and when to hold onto the ball and try to wait for someone to get open. If he just checks his first receiver, sees that he's covered, and tries to take it himself, then he also won't be successful.

Obviously I want Denard to succeed but I think that declaring him ready to start is premature.


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All I know is I remember this quote from the Media Day practice.

"Tate Forcier is the PERFECT quarterback for Michigan." or something to that effect. I heard no such things about Denard. I expect Tate will start till he gives Rodriguez a reason to look elsewhere.


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They looked comfortable down on the field hanging out with NFL players. I liked the "they're just like us" comment, too. It looks like both are strong in the "work ethic" catagory.


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It seems like yesterday when she was a gawky young intern who Van Earl Wright was calling "The Hammer." Now, she's a jaded veteran who doesn't seem to really be into interviewing HS kids. Too bad; she had a lot of potential.


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I agree. Carty can say anything he wants about the quality of our recruits as people, but if the rest of the class is anything like these two men who carried themselves very well, then, I think we are in great shape for the future.


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Tate really just needs to be able to make a few more "plays" than what was happening last year. He needs to be able to roll out smoother, get rid of the ball faster, be a threat at the run (not necessarily burn teams for 100+yds/game). If his decision making process is mature enough, Michigan will win more, given that the O-line is also much more experienced this year I think they will. D-Rob will most likely take a few snaps as well, no reason not to ensure he gets some real game experience and speed up his learning curve but he seems to be a bit more of a project and seems less likely to be starting this year.


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I found a couple more videos. Apparently the top HS players in Michigan all came together. In the first one Nick Hill looks like he is 5'3 compared tothe others.