Detroit News previews M baseball season

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Beilein, Hutchins, Harbaugh, Bakich...we can bitch and moan all we want-but it's pretty mindless and silly. We Michigan fans should be most thankful. The fact that Michigan athletics is being led by coaches like this group is what I appreciate the most. These outstanding coaches are the pillars that Michigan athletics are built upon...this is what interscholastic athletics is about.


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With the entire starting rotation returning, plus the starting infield and 2 outfielders, I think there is cause to be optimistic.  Michigan had a very quick, very exciting infield defense last season that I think made their pitching look better than it was.

Michigan has an interesting schedule.  Michigan hosts their 2 biggest competitors for the Big Ten title--Minnesota (on April 5-6-7) and Indiana (May 10-11-12).  These will both be huge series for them.  Michigan's other 2 home Big Ten series will be against the 2 worst teams in the league--Northwestern (April 19-20-21) and Rutgers (April 26-27-28).  There's also a Big Ten home game against MSU on March 30 and a non-conference game against them on May 7.

Michigan will have a very difficult Pacific coast swing during spring break--3 against CS Northridge, plus 1 each against Long Beach, Irvine, UCLA, USC, concluding with a neutral site game against Oklahoma State at Dodger Stadium.  Add to that a 3-game series at Texas Tech and 1 more at Kentucky, and you have a typical challenging road schedule.

Michigan has a very odd 2-game home series against San Jose State on March 26 & 27; hopefully the weather is warm enough to bring fans out to the stadium but not so warm that SJSU feels comfortable.


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Yep--8 games in the LA area over Spring Break!

Fri 3/1:  Cal State Northridge, 2:00
Sat 3/2:  Cal State Northridge, 1:00
Sun 3/3:  Cal State Northridge, 1:00
Tue 3/5:  Long Beach State, 6:00
Wed 3/6:  UC Irvine, 6:00
Fri 3/8:  UCLA, 6:00
Sat 3/9:  USC, 6:00
Sun 3/10:  Oklahoma State (at Dodger Stadium), 10:30 am