Detroit News Interview w. James Harbaugh, Jr., Coach's Son

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Great interview with Coach Jimmy Harbaugh's son James Jr. in the Detroit News that I thought I would pass along here. He says some funny stuff about waking up and checking his news feeds first thing each morning to find out what his dad has done to drive people wild lately. He also critiques, to put it mildly, his Dad's sartorial choices (the article reveals that those be some Lululemon trou that Jimmy is wearing lately).…

Anyway, the article tickled me, among other things because the coach is more or less my contemporary, and because I have some long Michigan roots myself, with a family that all went to UM and a dad who was the university's Director of Training. (He and Bo never saw eye to eye, as I have related here in the past.)

What made the article particularly touching for me, though, is that it describes James, Jr. coming out to his dad on the morning after the last presidential election, and how cool his dad was about it. There are some gay people in my family who have lived through hell because of what they were, including a little hell in former times in Ann Arbor.

As with several things that Jimmy has done lately, it made me proud that he is Michigan's coach. 

EDIT: Not trying to invite a debate on these matters--I hope obviously--but figured that the article was going to end up cited here, and thought I might be as good as anyone to put it up. 






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How's that you fucking prick?  I didn't realize that the subject of an individual response was the same thing as the subject of the entire fucking thread.  The point is if you are going to put a thread out there for the entire fucking board to read then give it a fucking subject that makes sense.


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So apparently Lululemon makes pants for Harbaugh, per a friend that works for corporate.  So hopefully WD isn't disappointed with his Wal-Mart pants or Dockers that are now obsolete.  

Can't say I've followed his trousers enough to distinquish when this happened, but apparently Nike tried to make a pant for him without success.  

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When Harbaugh switched to Lululemon it piqued my curiosity and went into a store and tried them on and they are extremely comfortable and versatile pants. I did not buy them but I shopped other brands and I've eventually settled on a company called DU/ER which makes these amazing pants called No Sweat for about $120/pair, including jeans. I love them, and I don't think I'll be buying traditional jeans much in the future.


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agreed with you. But you can see by the comment that immediately follows the article at the News that this isn't necessarily the case. I would love it if the time came when struggling to be accepted for what you simply are--or who you choose to be attracted to or love--were not an issue. But while things are changing that's not yet the case. 

I do know that this can transcend politics; I've got people of various stripes in my family who are very accepting on the subject. 


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You may be right but one of the biggest mistakes people tend to make on the internet these days is taking anonymous comments and inflammatory remarks seriously or as representative of a large section of the population. I really doubt James pays any attention to that stuff, just like we shouldn't. Responding to trolls only validates them.


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I think that it is important for all of us to recognize the significance of the timing of him coming out to his father. I don't think his choice to do it on that night was a coincidence, and would lead me to believe that he needed strength and acceptance from his family to help him through what was likely an upsetting and fearful night for him. This fear can't just be written off as attributable to trolls, or a small segment of our population.  


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James is indeed a great follow on Twitter. 


His tweets after the MSU loss to ND and the OSU loss to OU were HILARIOUS. 


Very proud and happy to have a coach who is a great father and so accepting of his son, and by extension, thousands of people in our fan and university communities. 


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wouldnt expect anything less from coach Harbaugh. i recall his quote last year about whenever someone asks him to do something, his defauly is "Yes". Thats a sign of a very open minded individual. The immediate acceptance of his son is further proof. what an awesome dad/family.

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My girlfriend's dad is an OSU grad and average level fan but once he heard Harbaugh wore those Lululemon pants he went and bought a pair of black, grey, and khaki each. Every time he wears them pulls on them and says "Harbaugh pants!"

My girlfriend's mom said she's never seen him buy any clothing for himself other than golf shirts and suits. I find it hysterical. /coolstorybro

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There were some gay men at a Super Bowl party I was at a few years ago and although they knew very little about football their insights on the game as well as the whole spectacle were fresh and often hilarious. I told them there should be a separate gay broadcast team calling the big game every year. For that particular game there are literally millions of people watching who know nothing about football and it may even be the only game they see all year. I think they would appreciate an alternative broadcast, and this could be the calling of one James Harbaugh, Jr. to establish. Hell, he said he can break down film. 


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I get your underlying point, but it doesn't really have anything to do with being gay. You could've just said non-sports fans and the same point would've been made.

I get way too involved watching a football game, focusing on routes, coverages, etc.  I often miss some of the obvious things that a casual observer pick up on right away. My girlfriend or buddies that don't watch much football provide hilarious takes on things go on around the game that I miss in my tunnel vision. You're correct that it is refreshing and entertaining.

Unless it's a Michigan game. Please be quiet during those.


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I have a friend who has gotten to know JH Jr. a little bit since he got to A2, and he's got nothing but great things to say about him.  I was slightly surprised that the fact that he is gay had not come up in the past, especially with rival fans.  I actually think that's tremendous.  We'll see how long that will last now that it was in the Detroit News.  


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also, wow does he look like his dad! i always thought it was strange how Jay doesnt look like Jim. the Harbaigh genes are pretty strong. but Junior looks a lot like his dad.


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Can't imagine being a student at the school where your dad is a demi God and the most popular person on campus...let alone always being in the news and hated by most other people.  I'm sure it's made for quite a few unique experiences for James.


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I'd like to point out that, though "musicals" has become code for gay, 'tweren't always so.

I grew up loving musicals, then DID musicals, then CHOREOGRAPHED musicals, and recently WROTE about musicals, but last time I checked, I still like women. And I check a lot.

(A friend of mine says checking out women a lot proves I'm overcompensating but he says that because he's checking me out and hoping.)


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At the risk of sounding and/or being biased, a kid my son played baseball with in middle school discovered musical theater as a freshman in high school, and also discovered he was gay. We saw him and his parents last week, and he literally broke into song and dance, like Robin Williams in "The Birdcage." Unfortunately, he quit baseball. He was one of the best hitters on the team. 


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Thanks for linking to the article. Speaks well to both Jim and James. Great to hear how very encouraging and supportive Jim was for James. Great to see they have a strong relationship. I wonder if children of Michigan profs/staff/coaches get some kind of discount if they attend Michigan. Wonder how often James goes home, and how often, if at all, he hangs around the team. Still, a very different, very positive article.

Couple things:  I wonder if James really wishes his Dad stayed out of the public eye (i.e., avoiding things like jack-knifing into a pool,) or if he'd have his dad stay just the way he is. Also, given that James is not a fan of khakis, crocs with socks, gym shoes, and his Dad's Michigan apparel, I'd be curious how James would dress his father. What would he think his dad would look good in? What would make James proud? You can scoff at khakis and Michigans hats and shirts, but for my two cents, they are classic, neutral, and look good. And from my perspective, when the occasion calls for it, Jim wears a good looking suit (meeting the pope, introduced as new head coach, etc.) or wears nice casual clothes (khaki's, button down shirt, and a navy v-neck sweater.)


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Excellent article, he looks very much like his dad. I wonder if he watches games from the sideline or the student section. I loved watching from the student section during my six years in Ann Arbor.