Detroit News Blue Chip List out- lots of Wolverines

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A little surprised this wasn't already posted....but Te'o, yeah...

Top 2 guys in the state, 3 of 4, 4 of 6, 7 of 11, and 8 of the top 13. I think we're doing ok in the state.

Accompanying #1 player Morris article-




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Is really getting tired and old.  People on this board are obsessing as much with Dantonio and his "national recruiting" comment as Sparty obsesses about us.  I remember a time (when I was in school in the latter half of the 1990s) when we didn't even consider sparty anything more than an annoyance.  Sure, they existed, their fans were annoying and trashy, and their obssesion with us was kind of funny, but they were largely irrelevant to us.

Order has been restored within the state of Michigan.  We beat them, the recruiting / talent bounce that Sparty was gifted during the RR years should be fully expunged within a year, and their recruiting is returning to where it has always been (and it will continue to deteriorate after another 6 win season and loss to Michigan).  Sparty is irrelevant, so let's stop obsessing over "mork" and his national, intergalactic, recruiting.

/end rant


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We won the game.  Defensive wins are as good as offensive wins.  And, while our trajectory is going straight up (yes, I know that we had less wins this year than last, but as an overall program, including talent levels, recruiting, stability, perception, we are on the rise), while they had their little turn at being one of the better B10 teams, and that is clearly over as their trajectory is straight down.

The Baughz

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Ive seen some clips of Demario Jones and I believe he is underrated. I think he will be a good WR down the line. Has nice size, good hands, and decent speed. I


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I watched his film too and was not that impressed. And to the acne-laden, basement-dwelling virgins who will inevitably neg me for offering the foregoing opinion, how mad does it make you that the threat of an internet message board "neg" was unable to silence that opinion? I bet you feel pretty powerless right now, huh? ; P


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I heard that when Michigan's coaches went to Cass Tech early in the process and visited a bunch of kids, including 2014 kids, that Gibbs wasn't even part of the group invited down to the meeting.


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Between Jones and York, we have some big, athletic receivers coming in.  Also, if several of our other DB prospects work out, I could see Lewis switching to that position, as well.  That would give us three good to very good prospects at the position.

While I agree with many that it would have been nice to get a Treadwell type, add Morris and Smith (a 4* RB) to this list, and we seem to be doing just fine with higher-rated skill position players, given where we are as a rebuilding offense. 

As to the true "blue chip" receivers and RBs out there, I think that once future prospects take note of the style of offense that we run, more will want to come here.  Remember that for the past three years (basically, since these kids were in 9th grade) we ran an offense that laegely featured Denard's legs with very little contribution from other skill players, and for the 2 years before that (when those kids were in 7th and 8th grades), our program was essentially a tire fire.  The offense that Borges / Hoke want to run, which features the RB and downfield receivers heavily, will attract more of these top guys once it is established.

Naked Bootlegger

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Very encouraging to see so much maize and blue on that list. 

About Khalid HIll:

Similar in size to U-M receiver Devin Funchess

Hill listed at 6'2". Funchess has 2-3" on him, plus (it appears) more wingspan. I don't think Hill will be Funchess 2.0, but a different brand of TE.



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I'm happy our boys our high on the blue chip list. I'm a big Bears fan and I know there are a lot of them on MGoBlog. Marc Trestman was just hired as the 14th coach of the NFL's founding franchise. I would start a topic if I could, but wish someone would. I really like what I heard from him in the press conference, and now what I'm hearing from him on 670 The Score.  Welcome Marc, I look forward to a successful future. Da Bears!


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for the rest of today. Not a whole lot of news other than Te'o and a bit of scouting, so what the hell, right? Click "create content" on the top left of the page: you want a forum topic with a good title.

If you'll take a bit of advice, I'd do a summary of everything he's said (like you said you wanted) and then frame the rest of the thread in a way to get general Bears discussion going. There are definitely Bears fans around, but the majority of the board seems to follow the Lions more closely than anyone else, and more replies usually mean more fun.


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Wonder if Elmer is going to the Fall New Student Mixer at ND?  I hear they get tons of super hot ladies at the event.  One could fall in love without even meeting.


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We tried it once your way Mark, are you game for a rematch?








 Mark, I'm laughing at the superior recruiter.





{exhales sharply} "Full impulse power"



"No sir!  You have Reschke, you have Holmes, you can have anyth...."