Detroit News Article on Terry Richardson and Tweeting

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This article talks about HS athletes and tweeting and the potential consequences. This article seems to make a bigger deal out of what Terry Richardson was tweeting when he said he didn't want to redshirt and the backlash he received, they also put his picture at the top of the article. It's an interesting read but you would have thought it was written by the Free Press with the way they make Terry sound like Yuri Wright.|topnews|text|Sports



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Unfortunately it looks like this is being driven by Chatsports regarding twitter especially - 

This story is making alot of allusions to even more issues being left in the open on twitter not only with Michigan, but they are going to add more versions over the next several weeks on several high profile programs.




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Please stop posting links to that site.  Site traffic encourages him to write even more drivel.

Let's all pretend he doesn't exist, just like in that made-for-TV movie "Merlin" where Dr. Alan Grant ignores Queen Mab and then she disappears.


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I agree with that; however, the tweets that they have pulled are more disturbing than the story above.  It is too bad that these young guys do not understand what the impact and overall opinon change can happen with the use of twitter/facebook when you randomly post without thinking.

Unfortunately, I am sure that someone at Freep or Detnews will eventually grab ahold of this story and run with it......especially after the stories on Yuri Wright that made their rounds the last few weeks.


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... and I won't take sides.

I just want to say, here and now, for about the sixth time in the last two years, that someday a Michigan football player's Twitter account is going to be a big headache for Brady Hoke and Dave Brandon.  And it won't be just Michigan.

I was really struck by one of Denard Robinson's (he of the offline Twitter account following the spontaneous combustion of a coed with whom he was friendly) comments at the Obama speech at Glick fieldhouse:  "We're not supposed to talk to the press..."

Okay.  But what about all the cray shi on Twitter?

This isn't a Michigan-specific problem; not by a long shot.  And I'm certainly no genius or soothsayer in predicting a future TwitterScandal.  How could there not be one?  Good management (and I respect both Dave Brandon and Brady Hoke as being really good managers) would recognize that something has to be done about Michigan athletes and Twitter.


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Then, there might be only one choice.  Ban twitter for michigan athletes.  I think AJ williams and Tom strobel are off.  Maybe more to come.  This is what is meant when they said fans cant have nice things.  And you have bottom fishers like you know who, who stalk twitter accounts and report them. 

Kids will be kids and wrong things will be said.  You can fault almost anyone for what they write on twitter.  Not everyone will take it the same way it was intended to mean. 


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finding stuff on the Internet that paints UM in a poor light. So let me help you with the link to a sampling of the tweets:

I suspect I'm not the only one who has noted the hypocrisy of those in UM camp in essentially ignoring these dispicable tweets. Of course, when a recruit was run off over objectionable tweets Hoke was held up as a man with integrity. Now all I hear are crickets.