Detroit CC 35 - Detroit Cody 0 (Wyatt Shallman)

Submitted by brendandavis22 on August 24th, 2012 at 10:17 PM

I went to the Detroit Catholic Central vs. Detroit Cody game tonight to get my first in person look at Wyatt Shallman.   As you can see the score got a bit out of hand (in fact it was 35-0 at the half) so all the stats Wyatt produced were in the first half.  He did play in the second half but maybe 7 or 8  plays total.  As a running back he looked good.  He sees the field well and finds the hole and hits it hard.  Only had 4 carries but he went for 45 yards and a TD.  The TD run was right up the gut for 25 yards and took a solid shot to the legs but was able to stay up and take it to the house.  The one thing on O I thought Wyatt didn't look to got at was his blocking.  Hard to tell if it was a product of the bad team Cody put on the field but he was often "looking" for a guy to block and didn't really drive well when he found somebody.  He wouldn't "hit-n-stick"... more just hit.  I don't want to say there is no way he won't move to D but while playing DE he was simply using his athletic ability.  Comes up high and missed a few tackles.  Ended the night with 3 tackles and a sack.  I would assume blocking is probably the most under coached part of a high school running backs training so I'm not too worried because he looks like a very good athlete. Overall I liked what I saw...  size, good speed and balance.  As a side note he changed his number to 17. 


RB: 4 carries 45 yards TD

DE: 3 tackles, 1 sack



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This young man is a curious talent, it will be very interesting to see where he fits. I would like to see a bruising fullback at that size. I have visions of him leading a Rawls or Fitz off tackle play and killing a linebacker in the process. 

turd ferguson

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Thank you for this - and I don't mean this as criticism - but I have a feeling that we're about to see an absurd number of amateur scouting reports of Michigan recruits.  It's probably wise to keep in mind that most of us (myself included) are not well trained in how to do that scouting well.

In other words, my general attitude toward all of these fan reports, positive and negative, will be to trust the coaches and not put too much faith into what a couple of untrained eyes saw from afar in one particular game.


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I think his rating is based on being a good running back and a good defensive end, not particularly being great at one thing. I think we are leaving being extremely negative on this board about this guy. Let's enjoy his stat line for a 35-0 blowout, in the first game of the season. After all, Im sure these college coaches know what they are looking for.

turd ferguson

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I mean, his team was up by 35 at the half.  I'm not sure that it's fair to second guess the coaching staff.  Maybe they wanted to get some other guys some time; maybe they didn't want to wear out Shallman; who knows?


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I disagree. The coaches are thinking he is a RB and that is what he will start out as. Clearly Borges wants lots of different types of weapons and he will fill the big back role. Does he see some time at FB or H back? Probably, but that doesnt mean that he won't still be a RB. Whipsaw offense. Also, what is the difference in your mind between RB and HB?


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Cody turned the ball over 2 times in the first half and had a 3 yard punt. CC probably had an average start to their drives at about the Cody 35.  One drive was a1 play 30 yard TD pass.  CC really didn't run too many plays in the first half. Then of course the second half the clock never stoped so 24 minutes goes quick.  Also, sorry if I put this out there and gave anybody the impression that I'm a scout.  I'm not.  Just a fan of the sport who thought people on the board might be interested in reading my thoughts on Wyatt.  If the mods don't want me to continue I'll stop.

Wolverine Devotee

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What in the hell has happened to Detroit HS football? Every single PSL team who played non-conference teams got blown out. The only teams that haven't and are playing non-conference are Cass Tech, East Village (Crockett & Finney new combind school) and King.

Also #1 in the state Orchard Lake St. Mary's lost to unranked Muskegon, 21-14.

What annoys me about CC is they still have the word Detroit in their name. They need to drop that and just have it Novi Catholic Central. They lost the right to Detroit when they sold out and left the city. Same goes for Country Day.




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The knock I heard on Wyatt was when he had the ball he would dance and avoid Contact (last year).. By chance did he lower his shoulder on any of his runs tonight? Would love to see that kid run some guys over with his frame.


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Shallman is to me the least impressive RB recruit we've gotten in the last few years. Physically I think he's much more natural at some other position; for a RB his speed and quickness are unremarkable, but for a TE they'd be pretty decent. If he ends up being more than a career backup and situational player for UM I'll be very pleasantly surprised.