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I'm replying to this:

Inasmuch as I sympathize with how RR must be feeling, another weep-fest, coupled with a Josh Groban song, were not what the team needed. Once again, RR made it all about himself, not the team. It was emotional pandering. It's his job to deflect attention off himself and onto the team. Coaches shouldn't publicly weep about their jobs at football banquets. It's childish and manipulative. Sure, I could see getting choked up once -- it's nice to some signs of humanity out of a guy. But Rich does this whenever things get tough. End of first season. Sanctions. Now this. He trotted out mood-music so everyone else feels it. It worked. Now I just feel sorry for the guy.

Let me start off with just a straight exposition of something that happened.


Rich Rodriguez didn't weep about NCAA sanctions.  Rich Rodriguez didn't weep when Michigan announced its self-imposed sanctions, or the Response to the Notice of Allegations.

Rich Rodriguez DID come close to tears -- he was choked with anger -- when he did the first Monday press conference following the Sunday Free Press story on August 30, 2009.  (There were no "sanctions" of any kind at that time.)  Why?  It was because the Free Press had put two freshmen, Je'Ron Stokes and Brandin Hawthorne, into the story, by name.  The two scared and horrified players came to Coach Rodriguez's office, in tears it is rumored, thinking that they had hurt their team and their coach.  Rich Rodriguez had to deal with that.  The rules of the game prevented him from ripping into Michael Rosenberg and Mark Snyder.  He just had to choke back the rage.  It was a monstrous abuse of two Michigan student-athletes.  An abuse, by the newspaper that had the gall to imply that it had been Rodriguez who was abusing his players.  (A charge that the NCAA investigation proved to be false.)

I'd have been choked with anger too, in Rodriguez's position.

So this is really nothing but a bunch of shit that you've posted, and I don't mind calling you on it.  Unlike you feeling "sorry" for Coach RodriguezI don't feel sorry for you.  You can go fuck yourself as far as I am concerned.


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Thank God Foster doesn't support RR! Having a fool in his corner does RR no good. Foster's writing has been embarrassing for years and he is never fired. Maybe someone should write an opinion piece about the horrible work he has done over the years, now that would be entertaining! I mean the guy barely even has anything interesting to say in comparison to Mike Valenti. Need I say more?

Ed Shuttlesworth

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All reports make the thing sound very Elmer Gantry.  Eyewitness accounts portray an awkward delay between Rod and Rita holding their hands up, and others accepting the invitation to join in.

Once this hits YouTube, we're going to be a laughing stock. 

I don't see why Rod made a single reference to "the situation" or himself.  What does he have to do with the traditional year-end football bust?  Why he would he even allude to those things?  He could have said "We're real proud of the team and we're making great progress and we expect it to continue," and left it at that.  The words are bad enough; the music and mentioning how much he's listened to it are over the top.


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anyone outside the program gives a flying fuck what RR said/did at a freaking banquet? And who the fuck cares what MSU/OSU fans say about it, they're our fucking rivals and of course they're going to make fun of it. But tell me, why the fuck do I care about their opinions again?

People make fun of Michigan for The Horror. They do not make fun of us for what a coach says at a banquet.

And your last paragraph, specifically your fake-quote...why does he have to use coachspeak IN FRONT OF HIS OWN DAMN TEAM? 


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If I were the Detroit News' sports editor, I would have spoken one phrase to Terry Foster following his latest personal-attack-passing-as-journalism piece on Rich Rodriguez.


After Foster embarrassed himself and his publication by throwing out more ad-hominem attacks against the Michigan coach instead of pursuing, you know, actual journalism, I would've pulled him aside and said a phrase that probably shouldn't be printed here. We'll sum it up as, 'hit the road, jack.'


I have spoken to a couple of people who read the article, and they were 'in shock' that the Detroit News has sunk to such depths as to continue to employ this man, particularly in light of the fact that local bloggers and the U of M newspaper consistently wipe the floor with this hack's analysis.


The annual banquet is to honor the seniors and outstanding players on the team. It is not the time to get on your high horse and continue to level baseless attacks on a head coach who has gotten nothing but grief since he has arrived here in Ann Arbor.


No 'true journalist' should put on this type of performance. 

Usually we see these type of performances from other cowards in the Detroit media, such as Michael Rosenberg or Mark Snyder. But a weak and braindead Foster hardly looks like a true journalist.


Now, lets all hold hands and sing 'Terry Foster go away, you and your ilk ruined a once great profession.'


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going to get into personal attacks, because after all, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. BUT, this really shouldn't surprise anyone. Foster often alludes to his connections to the "Michigan Mafia". In fact, someone earlier said Foster probably wanted to please his buddy Mikey... but more likely he was trying to please his "connections". 

That is, of course, making the giant assumption they exist. 


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The wrong place and format to plead your case to save your job. It was selfish and totally inappropriate.

Can anyone imagine BO doing this???? Remember it is about the TEAM nothing but the TEAM and yet RR makes it about himself. That alone is enough to let him go now before he does more damage to the image of Michigan football. 


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far from an entrenched Rod supporter. That being said, I kinda thought what he did was damn inspiring. Sure, you can say he made it about himself. But, you can also look at it like he really does love the program and it means so much, and while he knows he hasn't preformed, he believes he can get the job done.

Bo would never have done this because he never had to deal with the microwave culture and insta news. Rich was just trying to show everyone he is all in.


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I have no particular admiration for Foster. But you know a guy has won the argument when those who disagree with him respond with nothing but fat jokes and penis jokes. 

You've proved his points. You've done exactly that which you pretend to reject. He wins by default.

Ed Shuttlesworth

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Fair or unfair, the football program and its leadership are a national laughing stock in a year when they're likely headed to an NYD bowl.

Your head coach cannot get up at a public function celebrating the team, cry, politic for his job, and have a revival meeting around a Josh Groban song.

Your athletic director cannot set up an atmosphere wherein the head coach deems it wise to get up at a public function celebrating the team, cry, politic for his job, and have a revival meeting around a Josh Groban song.

The situation has deteriorated to the near-unthinkable -- and obviously indefensible.

Michigan fanatic

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As much as I hate Valenti and Foster, he's right. What Rod did has no business in Michigan football. Would Bo have had the team get up hold hands and sing a song like that with arms swaying? Would Bo have sat there and basically beg fr his job in tears? I think that whole situation made the program look bad. That's just my ipinion.


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No business in Michigan football? Why? Who cares what motivational tactics Schembechler uses, every coach is taught to be themselves when they coach. If coaches want to pretend they are hardasses all the time then fine they can lie all they want. Do you really think Bo was never vulnerable in his life or showed emotion? A real man like RR doesn't really think of the ramifications of a bunch of people who live by the ideal that real men never cry. Contrary to popular belief some real tough men do breakdown and reach out to people instead of holding things inside. Vince Lombardi was known to cry in front of players, Ray Lewis has cried in front of teammates, Brett Favre who has played through pain more than any other person has cried several times. Who the hell cares if some jackasses like Valenti and Foster think that crying is some sign of weakness.

I never got the impression from listening to the speech that RR was begging for his job, more like uniting the fanbase, administrators, and the team. Ok, most of the people on this blog don't like the choice of songs but if  the song moves RR to tears because of the lyrics or whatever, let him enjoy the damn song. It's not particularly moving to me but a lot of songs bring different emotions to different people and they aren't dragged through the coals because of their musical taste. By the way maybe Valenti and Foster need to cry a little more, they are obviously filled with hate when you listen to them talk.


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The last three years have really ruined my feelings toward the general UM community. I can't have a conversation about the football program without it descending into belligerent self-righteousness. UM football has become almost impossible to enjoy. 


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Rich Rod is more of a Miami man than a Michigan man. I think he might actually do well there. The culture seems to fit him better.
followed by:
Now, let's all hold hands and sing "Rich Rod go away, you ruined a once great program."
So Foster, who I'm fairly certain has absolutely no idea about Miami's "culture" except that they once were thought of as thugs for being brash, knocked TWO programs in two sentences.  I get that he doesn't like RR and it is easy to circle-jerk with the rest of the MSM and call for his head, but saying something like this shows the depths of his stupidity.
While there are certainly a number of negatives associated with the Internet, one of the most compelling insights it has provided to society is to highlight that sports writers and pundits really don't know more than the actual fan, that there are people everywhere who know more about a sport or team and can eloquently convey that if given a forum.  You read crap like this from Foster, Sharp, and Rosenberg, and it reads like the trite dribble of a 14-year-old who wasn't impressed by the most recent Harry Potter movie.  As much as I feel bad for the people at newspapers and radio who are just doing their jobs behind the scenes, I can't wait for the death of these two media forums just so that these idiots will no longer have an elevated soapbox on which to pontificate on whatever crap is flowing between their ears.


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I think he's an unusually genuine guy.  This seems to be off-putting to a lot of people.  I feel sorry for those people.  In the name of being clever they employ a cynicism that, in the case of RR, makes them fools. 


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Not reading. Not listening.


Sadly, this is the state of things right now IMO. My first defense to everything is "earmuffs" or "blinders". It keeps me only slightly insane instead of completely insane. 


Well, since I've started, I might as well finish. My parents never went to college, but were born and raised in Michigan, and for some reason or another were Michigan fans and raised me as such. After getting accepted to Michigan, my father couldn't have been prouder, and was excited for e to go to my first game at the Big House. Since that day, he's seen me grow into an even bigger fan than he and my mother combined.


When it comes to questions about the team and the program, I am the source for my folks, and whenever my dad talks about it at work (he's surrounded by Sparty and Irish fans), he uses me as a reference. However, my dad has ceased to ask me my thoughts about the program and the team as of late, and I think I finally know why.


I'm tired, I'm fed up, I'm angry and I'm sad, and I'm pretty sure he can see it in my eyes. He knows that any question will just bring pain and rants about "CC", the bust, bowl games, 7-5, DB, and a whiny fanbase. I used to talk about things like Heisman, the spread, prolific offense, depleted defense, and Denard's smile.


Do you see the difference? All the fun has been sucked out of the conversation. MGoBlog was my haven, a place where I could go and get away from the 97.1's and Rosenberg's of the world to have intelligent conversation that wasn't the same shit over and over again. I still love this blog, because I know people on here are intelligent and thoughtful and they care (sometimes TOO much, just like me), but lately, it's been a vacuum of depression, personal attacks, and gutter comments. The only way I could stay active recently was to be cynical and sarcastic (one of my best skills), and sometimes humorous, but, recently, coming onto the blog has just become painful, knowing that all I'm gonna get is the same conversation over and over again. 


I think I'm gonna take a bit of a hiatus. I know it won't last because I know the blog is great and I need a "sane" and intelligent outlet for my Michigan fandom, but it's just becoming unbearable. I pray it's only temporary. Wake me up when we're in a bowl, then let me sleep until the blog isn't cluttered with articles and threads about hating OUR program, OUR coach, and OUR players. It was only 6 years ago that I cried the first time I walked into the Big House, yet it seems oh so far away. Innocence is a fickle bitch.


Yea, and Go Blue! Everyone else can go fuck themselves.

might and main

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I've been experiencing many of the same feelings. This literally is the only place I can do my M sports thing, but there have been times I couldn't take the MGoDiscourse and simply had to lay low. I keep coming back because there is no better place, but sometimes I just can't take it.


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Thats great! I feel the same way, especially the whiny fans. I dont want to be that guy and I love Michigan football but they act like Michigan football was a dynasty that won NC after NC. I would see Michigan win 9-10 games, Finish top 3 and go to a bowl games, often to get blown out by USC, Texas, or a superior opponent. Then App State happened and fans cried that they wanted Lloyd Carr gone, well he "retired". The Herbstreit story came out about Les Miles and then that was a lie and we were presented with Rich Rodriguez. I loved the hire but many fans complained "its not Michigan football!" even though the teams that were winning ran similar offenses.

The fact is that half of the fan base were against Coach Rodriguez from the start, the other half (we) have spent the last 3 years defending Rodriguez. I understand that most coaches dont coach both sides of the ball, they have coordinators and coaches for the side that they lack which was the defensive side of the ball. The defense just hasnt panned out at all and now a potentially dangerous team is losing to the better teams because the offense has to score 45 a game.

I really think that Rodriguez is a great coach but I dont know if he can succeed at Michigan because of the whiny fans who complain because RR isnt a "Michigan Man"....get serious. Maybe if the coach had the support of the fans and AD he wouldnt be losing out on top recruits scared that he'll be gone.


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I moved to Chicago over a year ago and needed my Detroit sports fix, so I'd listen to Valenti & Foster every once in a while and boy is their show AMATUER! I have never once listened to a whole show, I actually havent listened to them in probably about 4-5 months. All they do is cut callers off and try to install bully tactics on why they're right and you're wrong. I now listen to ESPN1000 in Chicago and Carmen, Yurko, and Harry show in the thats a show! I wish they had a show like that for Detroit sports talk.

Foster has no credibility. OK so he's on a mid day show with a Sparty homer and went to CMU...where exactly their does it say that their opinion is any bit more valid than ours? We are the Michigan fans, our opinions are the ones that count.

B10 or Bust

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Sam Webb is just another clown in the circus...he's on rinky dink radio, and a UM cheerleader on the Scout site.  He's fun if you want a pick me up, but if you want insight, knowledge or honesty, he's not the man to listen to.


December 3rd, 2010 at 11:27 PM ^

I didn't read the article, but from the comments here on a blog from people who've read it, it sounds like an embarrassment to the Detroit News. Foster has destroyed a once great newspaper with his lack of grammatical control. He has also failed to foster an enviroment of compliance with the basic tenants of journalism. He would fit in much better at a newspaper like "The National Enquirer". I bet he'd do well there.

Seriously though, did anyone criticizing Rodriguez actually listen to the speech? It was pretty moving I thought, and the only time he got "emotional" was when he was talking about how much he cares about the young men in his program. This is a good thing, and if you don't think so get the fuck out of my fanbase.


December 3rd, 2010 at 11:33 PM ^

I came into this thread hoping to make a witty comment about how Foster calling anyone else an embarassment was a classic example of pot/kettle....clearly I was beaten to the punch.