Det News article on Zak Irvin (Edit)

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Nice write up, talks about how his stock is improving over the summer:

"Throughout the summer, Irvin has increased his rating with stellar AAU play. He committed to U-M last summer, which has lifted some of the pressure as he gets set to begin his senior season."


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Blue boy johnson

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That kid can play. From the video I've seen, Irvin is a scorer, not a superior athlete like GRIII. but he finds a way to put the ball in the basket. Has a bit of an unorthodox shot, but I guess it goes in the bucket. Here's hoping his form improves.

Real nice handle for a kid his age and size. If Hardaway had Irvin's handle he'd be an AA.


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I thought the most interesting part of that article was at the end, because I didn't known Irvin was on that team of "freshmen" who beat the veterans in some scrimmages a few weeks back:

A few weeks ago, Hardaway and Burke told of open-gym sessions early in the summer when a team comprised mostly of freshmen beat two mixed teams of veterans. Joining the freshmen was Irvin, who got into a shooting groove and helped surprise the older players.

"The last time I was at open gym, I caught on fire. It felt good and felt like I was just one of the guys knocking down shots. We had a really good time," said Irvin, who teamed with Robinson, Mitch McGary and Nik Stauskas. "We went out and beat the veterans and they got a little upset, but we were all having fun out there."

The offensive outburst created a buzz.

"Guys were saying he hit six or seven threes in a row," Webb said.


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Irvin is going to be a straight beast in college.  I can't get over the amount of great players we have coming in this year, next, and the year after.  I will be shocked if we're not a top-5 powerhouse for the next decade


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Things continue to look up. With a higher level of recruits in both sports. Heart goes out to Austin Hatch, hope he continues to recover.


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Pretty good article. Thanks for  sharing. 

There was also an back in June about Irvin which mentioned that, as a junior in high school, he was averaging about 18 points and 6 rebounds a game, but he was also talking about expanding his game specifically because he wants to be as ready to play as possible. He looks like a great small forward or shooting guard, and as someone mentioned, he finds ways to get to the basket. He should definitely add depth to increasingly deep team. 


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He may not be the best recruit of the past couple classes (12-13), but he might be the most complete recruit. Can be a lock-down defender and a significant offensive contributor.


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until this summer. At first I thought he was a ball hog who was relatively decent at shooting (but still should be in the top 100). But this summer is proving that he belongs in the top 40 recruits in the nation. Now Walton should go up, possibly into the top 25, with donnal being in the tail end of the class (around 90).