Desmond Howard: no love from ESPN

Submitted by Wolverman on May 27th, 2012 at 12:14 PM

 Desmond had an awesome career in A2 and Green Bay. He is a Heisman trophy winning WR and won a SB as a return specialist.

 I was watching ESPN college top 20 preview with Herbstreit, Desmond, Jessie Palmer, Robert smith and Todd Blackledge. At time during the preview they put graphics up with the player college credentials and highlights. When Desmond Howard's graphic flashed on the screen during the top 5 it listed him as a former Michigan DB..... I was insulted for him



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Cool your jets, it's a simple mistake. You would have to be insulted for him, too, because I doubt he would care about something small like that.


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This is absurd. Just another example of how the quality at ran has continued to decline since the golden years of Kenny Mayne, Stuart Scott, et al. You would think they would have people who actually know a bit about soccer put together the story. Unless this was someone who does know a lot and was taking a jab at Cristiano, then it's hilarious, but my main point still stands.


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One could argue that ESPN has been dorkville from the start with Chris Berman's constant  presence, but I agree that the arrival of "Stu" heralded a new and higher level of dorkiness.

I consider ESPN News et al. unlistenable. I still appreciate the highlights, though.


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Really? I disagree. I always thought he was pretty good but he's hardly on anymore. I always wondered if all those guys left the air on their own or got forced out to keep it young. I assume the latter since Stu and Linda Cohn went away for a while and then came back, probably because all the blondes they've been bringing in are godawful. Sage Steele is the only respectable female anchor since Cohn, partly due to her sexy x-menesque (could say pornstar also but she's a classy lady).


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I agree that she has a classy presentation, and I don't have any issues with her performance, but she's also painfully ESPN in a focus-group sense, as in "OK, because we're an enlightened network we need someone from that (historically marginalized blah blah blah) segment of the population who won't annoy too many members of our core whitebread-meathead East Coast RedSox/Giants/Flyers/etc. fan base. We did something similar with Pam Ward and no one seemed to mind."


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I also did not realize that photographic knowledge of international soccer stars was a prerequisite to not getting down voted on a Michigan sports blog. Who knew it was such common knowledge? So common that others are actually dumbfounded that people don't see the error.

The only thing more dumbfounding is why anybody would assume that the error in this picture is common knowledge to a bunch of people who clicked on a story for American football discussion...


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Well played, gramps. I’ll give you this round, but only because you don’t have many rounds remaining in you.

(It’s the internet. Joking should really be the default setting)

My name ... is Tim

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This is so like ESPN to purposefully provide inaccurate information about one of their employees' playing resume. Clearly, ESPN hates Desmond Howard and the University of Michigan. And dogs. And old people.


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and assume you truly don't know. There is a difference between Ronaldo (Brazilian) and Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugese and the player for Real Madrid) They fucked it up.


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So unless you've never once made a mistake in your life, get the fuck off your high horse, go outside, and enjoy the weekend instead of nitpicking over a graphical error some production assistant made. Not everything is a high level conspiracy. Sometimes people just fuck up.


May 28th, 2012 at 4:21 PM ^

 First my mistakes aren't on national television and second a group of people aren't paid to follow me around and fix my mistakes before other people see them.

 It's not  about a conspiracy that espn hates Michigan. I could care less about who hates Michigan and who doesn't. lol take breath and relax ya ginger