Desmond Howard highlights

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I updated Desmond's tribute video a couple days ago because a player of his magnitude can't have just 10 minutes of highlights.

Besides Howard's amazing plays, there's also Keith Jackson, Buckeye players pounding the ground in anger, Tom Coughlin yelling 'BULLSHIT! after a kickoff return.  I also included a couple near misses because even his effort to get to the ball was impressive...fear not, we ended up scoring touchdowns on both drives.



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That is one of the things that makes it perhaps the most iconic call and iconic image in CFB history.

Kieth Jackson being Keith Jackson, knew to just let it happen.  When he said "Goodbye . . . Hello Heisman" and then Desmond struck the pose, he let it play out.  

Lesser broadcasters today would say something stupid like "Hey look at that, I said Hello Heisman and then he did a Heisman pose.  That's incredible serendipity."

But not the legendary Keith Jackson.

Maize and Blue…

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The little Utah punk who did the Heisman pose last year in the Big House. Harbaugh should show a tape of it to the team over and over again as something that will not be tolerated at Michigan.



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Cool story bro from my childhood: Desmond Howard, Maceo and Maurice Taylor were all my neighbors as a lad. I played video games with Maceo! I lived in Ridgewood Apts. on Carpenter Rd.

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All of your videos are just so awesome, thanks a ton!!!! I just love watching all these old highlights; you're actually the only youtube account that I subscribe to.  I can't get enough.

Have you thought at all about doing some more condensed bball games or bball player highlights since the team has been so good the last few years?  I would love to see some better highlights of some of our wins over State and some of our great tourney wins (VCU, Florida, Kansas, Syracuse, etc.).  Regardless, thank you so much; I hope it wasn't rude of me to suggest something that I suspect many of us would be interested in.  Your work is truly a gift to all Michigan fans.  Thanks so much!!! Go Blue!!!


February 17th, 2015 at 1:06 AM ^

It was interesting in the video how early in the season people were talking Heisman!  What touch Grbac had and a sense of location on the part of Howard!  Magical!