Desmond and Shoelace are just fine

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So there was some definite angst here when Desmond spoke out at a conference and used Denard as an example of the entitlement that the fans and media give to athletes (paraphrased as to what I hope/think he meant)

Desmond's twitter feed shows that the two of them are just fine:


desmond_howard Desmond Howard 
Last pic of the weekend. Some of you thought you could come btwn me & Shoelace. Wolverines for life! Run tell that.

Desmond Howard's photo: Last pic of the weekend. Some of you thought you could come btwn me & Shoelace. Wolverines for life! Run tell that.
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Ad no longer there...nothing to see here.

Although I will add, how f-ing big are Denard's hands, anyway? I bet he could palm a basketball in about sixth grade.

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Hey, Des; don't blame us! 

We didn't "try to come between" you and Denard.  It's you.  You said something odd and provocative.  Don't blame us for that.  If you think it was misinterpreted, that's fine.  But don't pretend that you didn't say it, and don't blame people for discussing something that you stated publicly.

Be clearer, Mr. Howard.  Be more careful about public statements.  If you are typing them, it ought to give you time to reflect on what it is that you are publishing.

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“I’ll give you a perfect example: Michigan fires coach Rich Rodriquez,” said Howard, who starred at Michigan from 1989-91. “All the noise in Ann Arbor is, ‘Is Denard Robinson going to stay or leave?’ I’m like, ‘Hey, if the kid wants to go, don’t let the door hit you on the way out. You looked fantastic for five games against nobody. That’s what you did.’ I’m not going to deny his talents, but, ‘You ain’t won nothing in Ann Arbor, son! Not so much we need to worry about if you’re going to be here next year or not.’ “ 

Fellow Wolverines. For life. Good thing that "life" is long enough to explain stuff, and say that you're sorry for your mistakes.

And WE were trying to come between Desmond and Denard?!?

"Run tell that."

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Desmond ought to apologize just for the phrase, "You ain't won nothing."

Anyway, you're the point-misser here.  I never said that Desmond was guilty of offending Denard in the first instance.  I said it was an "odd and provocative" statement.  Maybe, Desmond was making a valid point.  By any measure, he was doing it in a very odd way.  Desmond should not be blaming others for what he said.  It reveals a very insecure and defensive Desmond Howard.

Desmond could have just posted his picture with Denard, and said that they understand each other, and that he's publicly sorry, to Desmond, for the confusion.  But instead, Howard blames everybody else for trying to come between him and Desmond.  This wasn't a media-created controversy.  This was a Desmond-created controversy.  Which makes your "Rosenberg" comment even more out of line.  In fact, if Desmond wants to give some shit to somebody, he might just want to start with Rosenberg, for what Rosenberg did to Michigan football.  I've never really heard whether or not Howard had an opinion on that.  As one of the highest-visibility guys representing the program, that ought to have been at the top of his "To Do" list.


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Denard led us to several wins against candy teams. He's won games, but nothing big yet. That's what Desmond meant, and I don't hold it against him. I think he's right. I think people were way too concerned about whether Denard would stay, and I really don't think he's accomplished much other than that the ball was in his hands almost every single play.

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I don't mind a bit if Desmond wants to explain himself.  I'd actually appreciate it, and would probably find it interesting, if I knew what it was that Desmond said to Denard about his whole thing, that explained those comments.  I'm not sure why Desmond wouldn't explain to us, what he explained to Denard.  But that's all beside the point.  I'm not terribly concerned about their relationship.  I'm not at all trying to be Denard's spokesman.

That's not the issue that I raised.

What Desmond said was that people were trying to come between him and Denard.  Like Desmond was a victim.  Like he and Denard are brothers bonded together in their victimhood.  If Desmond Howard is a 'victim,' he is a victim who is independently wealthy, with a national television contract.  And he's blaming others, quite possibly including commenters on this blog, for simply talking about things he said.

Read Desmond's Twitter feed.  Much of it looks like bad seventh-grade grammar.  Desmond's mouth, and his Tweets, are moving faster than his brain.  None of this has anything to do with Denard.  It has everything to do with Desmond Howard.


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If Desmond asked for permission to use Denard as an example, he doesn't need to explain that to us. If Denard went to Desmond and told him he was offended and Desmond apologized to him, they don't need to tell us about that either. Denard is a grown man who has shown maturity and humility beyond his years. Whatever Desmond said or did to Denard is really between the two of them and since Denard hasn't thrown a public hissy fit about Desmond's use of him as an example or his choice of words, then just maybe we shouldn't be either. Desmond has done nothing to me, except provide me with some wonderful memories against ND and OSU. He doesn't owe me, or you, or anybody else (except Denard if Denard was in fact offended) an apology or explanation... I understand why you might be offended, but I think Denard can fight his own battles, and by taking up his battles, you are adding unneeded stress to your life, so try to relax a little bit.


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Denard cut Desmond in half! You can even see it in the picture. Time to panic and make up rumors! Columbus, Ohio, I'm looking in your direction . . . 


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BTW, remember Molk discussing the fact that Denard's fingers are so long that his fingernails were hitting Molk's wrist if Denard was under center?


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had never heard that quote from Molk and upon reading this prompt thought that it would end up going in a completely different, and much more inapropriate, direction...


"BTW, remember Molk discussing the fact that Denard's fingers are so long that his fingernails were hitting Molk's...."


Take that in whatever direction you want.




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If you see Desmond in a bar, please feel free to buy him a nice tall glass... [because of his exploits for the Maize and Blue]




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Still shouldn't have said it. This stuff gets spun too easily today. Original stories are always more prominently placed than retractions or clarifications.


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If Denard is good with it, and Desmond is good with it, then I'm good with it.  It's great to see people pulling in the same direction.


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the herd mentality here sometimes. You noodles are jumping all over Section One for saying precisely what everyone said when the deal went down. Now we're all supposed to pretend it didn't happen. . . why? Show some stones and stand up for what you believe. If you can't manage it on the freaking internet you won't be worth crap if anything REAL ever happens and you need to stand up against something serious. This is MICHIGAN; we are bigger than that.  

Glad Desmond and Denard got past it. Hope Desmond apologized, like he should have. 


June 6th, 2011 at 9:01 AM ^

Second that. This was wildly blown up on this board by the likes of many who are not remotely close to the situation or people. Im glad D Howard cleared this up and love the "run tell that" comment to top it off.