Deshawn article in Freep

Submitted by the Bray on January 10th, 2010 at 2:49 PM

Did anyone else read Snyder's article about Deshawn in Sunday's Freep? (I'm car-shopping, so I bought the paper to check that out). Next to the article is a stat-box that states Michigan is 11-0 in the last two seasons when Peedi scores 20+ points. It lists the game, the score and Deshawn's totals for each game. But his 28 point game (and win) over Duke last year is not included. How can someone who follows and reports on the Michigan basketball team not remember (or bother to check) Deshawn's huge game over the #4 ranked Blue Devils. Unreal. Probably won't be buying the Freep for 6+ years, provided I don't need to buy another new car.