Derrick Nix arrested, jailed for marijuana possession

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MSU's Derrick Nix was arrested Monday night in East Lansing on charges of operating a vehicle with the presence of drugs and marijuana possession, according to East Lansing 54-B District Court records.

UPDATE (quote from Izzo):

“Based on the information we have received, Derrick Nix has been suspended indefinitely from our basketball team, and his future with our program is uncertain. He made an irresponsible decision that has put his future with our program in serious jeopardy.”



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Nothing was "swept under the rug".  The reason you hear about MSU players getting busted is because the prosecutors in and around Lansing have no tolerance for their crap.  When they are caught, they get prosecuted.  The whole basketball rape thing had NO CASE from the beginning.  The girl recanted her story, admitted she was scared and lied about what happened, and the police and prosecutors' office both did investigations that they concluded revealed nothing happened.  They couldn't find any evidence of a crime and therefore dismissed all charges.  


So ya... I would say Izzo is in the clear on that one.  He never had to worry about getting the players in trouble because nothing happened. 

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After all he had an "accused rapist" starting for him.  EL police refused to press charges despite the recommendation of Michigan State police and corrobaration of the "victim's story' from another team member who was present during the "incident".


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The decision to not prosecute was made by a UM grad who has been plenty firm with rulings on players before (was the same person who led the Rather Hall charges, which were fairly harsh).

Additionally, the victim's story had multiple incongruencies each time she told the story.


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Where do we draw the line based on accusations that aren't charged? The Duke lacrosse case is a rare exception, but I don't think we should assume initial reports are true. Was it full corrobaration, or partial from the teammate? I don't remember the details from the article. We have questions, but we don't actually know.


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In response to "Mazie and Blue 4 Life"....



That's simply not what happened.  The girl herself, the "victim", ADMITTED to making up the story and recanted the whole thing.  You're spreading falsehoods.  The police and prosecutors did investigations that turned up nothing and the whole case got dismissed. 


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Good time to get caught doing something like this - the furthest away from the season as possible.  Just another reason why you should live in Ann Arbor and not East Lansing. 


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I don't think this deserves anything more than a "msu slap on the wrist". He should be more careful... but he's done nothing wrong. Nix is merely a victim of the new round of per se drugged driving laws that in essence prohibit one from driving for 30+ days after smoking cannabis. You read that right. Under the law, any amount of thc or thc metabolites can get you a drugged driving charge. Regardless, according to the research stoned drivers aren't significantly more likely to be culpable in crashes. So take it easy on the guy... even if you hate him as I do. All he did was make the safer choice. Bring on the jokes about my name....

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Sorry this is off topic, but I can't start my own thread. Is anyone else put off by the idea of The Daily asking Mike Rosenberg to write the foreword to "Michigan Football, From The Pages of The Michigan Daily"? Rosenberg is the last person that should be writing this. Even Drew Sharp would've been better - at least Sharp didn't manufacture a scandal about stretching too much.!/stephenjnesbitt/status/186892268899274752/photo/1

If Rosenberg isn't using this space to apologize - "forgive me Father, for I have sinned" - then the editors of The Daily sports editors who made this decision should explain themselves.




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Rosenberg was a sports editor at the Daily, and a horrible one at that. (He was my boss when I wrote for the Daily.) He's probably the most currently famous former sports editor from the Daily, for both rising to prominence and his daily struggle to come up with enough words...


to print...


in the Freep.




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While I hate State and enjoy their misfortune, this isn't a big deal.  It should be a complete nothing, but such is life these days.  Over 90% of NBA players smoke weed.  He isn't in season.  He isn't accused of being high while driving.  I don't think Izzo should issue any punishment.


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Not at all.  My figure comes from a friend who played in the NBA for well over a decade.  He was involved in the CBA talks (~5 years back?) where drug testing for weed was a big issue because of the high percentage of players who partook.  


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It's a good thing that marijuana does not have a large footprint in the Ann Arbor area.  Otherwise, our kids might be caught doing stuff like this as well...