Derrick Green would find it hard to say no to Michigan

Submitted by RakeFight on April 23rd, 2012 at 9:52 PM

Ran across this tidbit about 2013 RB prospect Green that was posted earlier today, and I didn't see that it has been over-analyzed yet on the board.  Go to it...

 "Top247 RB Derrick Green tells @ clintbrew247 that yes Clemson is in front, but Michigan will be hard to say no to."



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99% sure we're full at RB unless Isaac choses to come, but good info nonetheless. It looks like Green still likes Michigan, but the interest isn't conpletely reciprocal, at least anymore.


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That drove me absolutely nuts.  I mean, the guy played here for FIVE years and we still can't spell his fairly simple last name correctly?  It's the same last name as that fucking Ernest guy who wrote all those damn books about whatever the hell it was.  You know, that guy.



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reminds me of one of my favorite Letterman Top Ten lists. It was Best Middle of the night ESPN programming. The first 8 are forgotten, but the top 2 were

Dropping Cows from Planes

Amish Rake Fights



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I'd venture to guess this means that his offer has become something similar to O'Daniels. We are full at a position, with the exception of one player, Levenberry for linebackers and Ty Isaac (also known as Ty Issac, Isac or Isacjgnfkabgfj) for runningbacks.


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It must again be pointed out that "clintbrew" is Clint Brewster, Tim Brewster's son who was his first "big commit" at Minnesota. He transferred away from his dad after a year and is now a recruiting lackey.