Derrick Green visiting Auburn this weekend per AU scout site

Submitted by bassmaster on January 9th, 2013 at 3:38 PM

Not good if true. It would be on his own dime since he's already had his official visit to Auburn. I'd link but it's premium. Don't shoot the messenger. 


R Kelly

January 9th, 2013 at 5:20 PM ^

I'm not suggesting that reading this thread would keep him from coming to Michigan.  I am questing the mindset of a lot of people here, who seem to be saying that it is a foregone conclusion that Green will take the benefits.  

These people either no longer want Green to come to Michigan since he is taing this unofficial visit, which I think is ridiculous, or they still want him to come here and don't care whether he takes the benefits from another school, which I think is even worse.

Call me crazy, but I'd like to assume that our recruits do not break NCAA rules until I see actual evidence to the contrary.  


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If Hoke & Co. have some method of only going after the ones who would not, I'm good with that. Personally, I don't see us wanting a recruit and that recruit (or his parents) being willing to take money or other benefits as being mutually exclusive. 

As far as it being a mindset, I think you are reading more into the comments than the writers intended. I do think that most of them think it is a foregone conclusion that said benefits might be offered.



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We must be reading different threads.  Oversimplifying it, I see two different opinions in this thread.  1)  People who believe SEC=Cheating, Auburn will pay Green, and Green will go to Auburn and 2) People who think Green will go to Michigan, making jokes utilizing the SEC stereotype of paying players, but not actually thinking Green will get paid. 

I don't see anyone saying they don't want Green anymore nor do I see anyone saying that they'd want Green if they knew he received impermissable benefits. 

I can't imagine any one of us here wanting a known cheater heading to Ann Arbor. 


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His recruitment has seemed very odd to me.  His final three schools are Michigan, Tennessee and Auburn.  Is it me or does one of these stick out like a sore thumb?

Tennessee and Auburn are notorious for using shady recruiting tactics.  If he ends up at one of those schools there is no way I could be convinced there wasn't recruiting violations.


January 9th, 2013 at 4:57 PM ^

I commented the other day in a different thread that Green strikes me as our Lacey.  Strong, solid, decent feet and ability to wear down defenses.

We still need Deveon or another back (Mixon in 2014) to be a second threat, like TJ Yeldon.

Lacy's running in NCG was his best showing by far and he made the OL look even better.


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YoBoMoLlo, are you kidding? Brent Musberger is staking out A.J.'s place in a Dish Network van, wearing camo and eyeblack on his face. He has his ghillie in the back for nighttime reconnaissance missions.


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It'd be hilarious if Green does end up coming to Michigan, and Smith ends up being the All B1G back. I like having a 5 star as much as the next, but I think the offensive line determines almost everything. Smith or Johnson could end up being great. Wasn't Mike Hart a 3 star and Kelvin Grady a 5 star?


January 9th, 2013 at 6:04 PM ^

Yes, but annecdotal evidence doesn't really tell the whole story. If that's all you wanna look at, how about this?

Last year, Alabama signed TJ Yeldon (5*, 12th overall player) and Kenyan Drake (4*). Both run behind the same line. Yeldon runs for 1131 with another 1000 yard rusher on the team. Drake runs for 285. Which one would you rather have?

Last year, Miami signed Duke Johnson (5*, 30th overall player) and Danny Dillard (3*). Both run behind the same line. Johnson runs for 977 yards, leading the team. Dillard redshirted. Which one would you rather have? 

Last year, Texas signed Johnathan Gray (5*, 5th overall player) and Daje Johnson (4). Both run behind the same line. Gray runs for 740 yards, leading the team. Johnson had 225 yards. 

Rankings are obviously not perfect, but they exist for a reason. 


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Jesus, everybody needs to get off the ledge.  This kid is a big time recruit.  Big time recruits take multiple visits and usually drag their commitments out until signing day.  If we want an elite recruit, these are the kinds of things you deal with.


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Derrick Green almost makes it to the Alabama State border, then all of a sudden....


Then Derrick Green will truck Gandalf over the edge, muttering something about taking his visits. I've never been to Alabama, but I just assume there are volcanic like structures that ancient creatures dwell in.


Then while gandalf is hanging over the edge, he says 



This foe is beyond you, Derrick Green


Then Derrick will retreat north bypassing Virginia, and heading straight to protection of Hoke the Elder.


Perkis-Size Me

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okay, even if we don't end up with green, any back is only as good as his offensive line. if alabama had a crappy line, tj yeldon and eddie lacy would look pretty crappy, too. their stats are so outrageous because they aren't touched until they're already 4-5 yds downfield. last i checked, our offensive line recruiting haul was tops in the nation. guys like kalis, magnuson, kugler, bosch, dawson, and the list goes on and on, are going to make whoever we put in the backfield look good. damn good. whether its derrick green or deveon smith. lets also not forget that mike hart was a lowly 3-star when he committed. last i checked, his career at Michigan turned out alright. green would be a great get, but i have just as much confidence in deveon smith to carry the load.


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Well if you read some of the "if he's going to visit an SEC school that just proves he's a liar and a thief" crowd comments above this only means Auburn has developed more stealthy means of funnelling money to him.


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I still feel like he's going to Michigan. He says he knows where he is going but hasn't committed because of Hokes visit policy and he just wants to enjoy the rest of his recruitment. Just my thoughts.