Derrick Green visiting Auburn this weekend per AU scout site

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Not good if true. It would be on his own dime since he's already had his official visit to Auburn. I'd link but it's premium. Don't shoot the messenger. 



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the same argument everyone made last year for Brionte Dunn.  How did that one turn out for us?  Granted Dunn was a current Ohio commit, but any coach can feed a kid as much BS as he wants to get him to commit.  It worked for Urban!!


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However, his scheme for 15 years has been predicated on "sideline to sideline" with running backs (running wide is both to attack the edge and split the safeties for seam routes).  His inside running is just to probe the D and keep LBs honest.  Shiloh, Springdale, Tulsa, Auburn - all relied on these principles.

Regardless, as you noted his speed, maybe Green simply decides he is more of a speed/seam guy than pro/power guy.  

We know 18 year olds make irrational choices sometimes.


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Whistling through the graveyard. Any idiot knows that Auburn has rabid fans and that their early departures last season were due to terrible football. A confident player and coach will expect things to improve, and Auburn's environment is a known draw.

And he might not like spread offenses, but don't think he can't be sold on playing in one better tuned for his skills.

And don't think these superficial factors are even a real issue anyways.


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He already stated he's made up his mind where he wants to go. He also stated he'd visit Auburn and Tennessee (he hasn't met with the new coaching staffs yet at either school.) I think that's very telling for Michigan. It shouldn't be a bad thing when he visits Tennessee after.


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I do not understand why anybody is suprised by this at all.  Derrick Green himself said at the Army game that Michigan leads but he was still going to visit Auburn and Tennessee again to get to know the new coaching staffs. 


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(Because I was bored at work) I just "orbitzed" the price of a roundtrip between Richmond and Atlanta (which, at just under 2 hours, is the closest airport to Auburn...yikes).  Assuming he booked in advance and not last minute, we're talking round trips costing $156.60 after taxes and fees.  Throw in a cheap hotel and a couple days of a rental car and you're probably around 300 bucks.  Not exactly a ton of money to spend to get a very important decision right. 


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I was just going ot dig my paws into a charitable honor cup at the counter of the 7-11 (down the street from Costco).  So, it's really a toss-up...they were someone else's dimes, but I plan to make them mine and march them out the door.


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While thinking about this, I took a peek at Auburn's recruiting class.  How is it that they already have 3 players that have signed LOI's??  I see that all three are JUCO types... are there different rules for kids transferring vs. kids coming out of high school?

R Kelly

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Why is everyone in this thread so casually stating that a recruit who we really want is taking (or is about to take) impermissable benefits from another school?  Or do you people just not want him to come here anymore?