Derrick Green reportedly down to two

Submitted by MGoVoldemort on December 17th, 2012 at 8:47 PM
@NeylandNews: Per Brent Hubbs, it's down to UT and Michigan to land highly coveted '13 VA RB 5* Derrick Green, with his mother... Never heard of this guy, and Mike Farrell has usually had the best info when it comes to Derrick Green, and he hasn't reported this yet.



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all the skill players we've wanted to. But shouldn't we cut Hoke & co. some slack and see how York, Dukes, Jones, Darboh, Chesson, Deveon Smith do at the collegiate level before saying we can't land elite skill players? These coaches don't look at Rivals to see whom they should recruit. Mike Hart was a 3*. But does that mean he was doomed to a career of mediocrity from the outset? absolutely not.


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Let's be real here - the recruits with higher rankings usually have those rankings because they have a higher probablity of being a star (pun) as opposed to the lower ranked recruits.

I find it funny to look at every years draft and see how many 2 and 3 stars were drafted as high as the 1st round, but then I look at the 5 stars and see that it's typical most (95%) 5 star recruit that made it through college ball will get drafted somewhere.

As opposed to 4 and 5 star players, 2 and 3 star players make up just as much or slightly more of the nfl draft.  However there are so many more of them it's what we'd expect.


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But when you're applying that rule to individuals, and those individuals need to fit a system, its just one measure.  So, while its a great tool, its not the end all.

The coaches are not going to get everyone they want, but its a puzzle, and they're looking for the pieces that fit THEIR plan..not ours.  If a kid doesn't want to come here, and its someone the coaches have targeted, then its not a good fit for both parties.  So, I really hope Green feels Michigan is the right fit for him, but if he doesn't, he shouldn't come here. That part is not rocket science.


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They do not always translate in any specific case, but if you look what teams are annually near to the top of the recruiting rankings, these are also the teams that are ranked high in the polls as well.  That's not a coincidence.  I'm sure if some of the MGoStatisticians around here were to start digging, you'd find strong correlation between the star rating of a team's recruiting classes and their rating in the polls.


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Everyone is applying their own standard to the "evaluation" of recruiting:

Is the #5 class the standard? #4 with key playmakers? #7 with a dominant line? Finish higher ranked than OSU and ND?

I would offer the following: As long as UM has talent to win 10+ games and the recruiting class is ranked top 10, then our recruiting is an A. Win 10+ and top 3 class, then A+. (Yep, grading staffs on recruitingtia a combination of 2-3 years).

I think it would be a great thread to debate the grading scale ...


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I swear I remember early in the HS football season, Green saying that he was going to announce in like November.  Maybe the coaching changes at some of his top schools delayed things.  Has anyone heard and rumors of if he may announce at the All-American game or if there is no time schedule on the table.


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Their OL recruiting the last couple years has been the exact opposite of ours.  They brought in zero (0) OL recruits in 2012, and currently have 3 in 2013, one 4 star and two 3 stars, one of which is Dan Skipper.  Maybe Hoke wants Skipper so that Green will see he won't have anyone to run behind at UT.


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As an employee of the Vol network owned by UT, Hubbs would seem bound by the same recruiting silence as any other AD employee. I don't care that he did, but the NCAA has some Draconian rules.

Just consider the source - he is a paid cheerleader for UT. We probably should rely on Farrell ...


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NCAA rules prohibit coaches, university players and school officials from any public comments about a recruit or their recruiting situation (ie, can't praise a HS coach in a press conf).

Thus the silence on almost anything related to recruiting by coaches until NSD when they'll give a blurb about individual kids.

Have to rely on recruits, their circle of influence and recruiting pundits for news until NSD.