Derrick Green reaffirms Michigan as his leader

Submitted by Steve Lorenz on December 31st, 2012 at 12:11 AM

Per Mike Farrell in this video: LINK

He also says he's not even sure who is contending with Michigan right now. I haven't done more than exchange one word texts with Derrick pretty much since his official visit, but it shouldn't be a surprise they're leading. 

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Do we still have no idea when he will decide or is it reasonable to expect a decision soon since he doesn't currently have anyone competing with us and time is running out...

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Even when a recruit makes a "decision," it doesn't count until he enrolls early or signs an LOI.  It seems like there is always one "flip" to the good side and one to the bad side on NSD.  With an "average" class of 25, that works out to any "committment" being a 96% "committment."  

Steve Lorenz

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He hasn't had a set date for an announcement since his recruitment began. He's been one of those "when it feels right, etc." kids. 

Rivals also posted this article with Dymonte Thomas, who plans to recruit Green hard this week. It's hard to say when he'd announce though. 


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It still doesn't feel right to commit to Michigan yet? If we are the leader by far and he's not announcing at an all star game it makes me think he is still looking for something else. Hope Im wrong.


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You're making an assumption based off a small amount of circumstantial evidence.  This is a huge decision for an 18 year old kid who dreams of making it to the pros.  I would probably be pretty hesitant to say anything in his position even if I was 99% sure.  There is nothing weird about waiting on it and we shouldnt be speculating reasons for it.


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I didn’t say he does not like Michigan. I meant, from the sounds of things, he isn’t necessarily 100 percent sold on Michigan, despite naming the Wolverines as his leader. He told Rivals on Dec. 27 that he is “definitely considering” Miami, and, as it is public knowledge, he will take official visits before signing day. My previous comment stands true, he doesn't appear to exactly love Michigan.


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As a running back, I wouldn't be 100% sold on Michigan, either.  The running backs sucked this year, as did the offensive line.  And no Michigan running back has done anything in the NFL since Anthony Thomas, who was a mediocre NFL player.

I think the offensive line will be good within a couple years, but if teams are selling recent success at the position, Michigan would be far down in the pecking order.


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Magnus, you say the O line sucked but did it really?  You've got an All American and a few All B1G performers.  Or was it more of teams putting 8 in the box, stopping the run, and forcing Denard to throw?  Or was it the play calling of the O co-ordinator.  UM tried several runnning backs with limited success, so I see deeper problems than you blaming the O line.

Bill the Butcher

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If you go back and look closely at the interior offensive line you will see just how terrible they were this year.  Just because Omameh was given a career achievement award with an all conference selection doesn't mean he was actually one of the best lineman in the conference.  The three in the middle were beaten time and time again, missed blocks, missed assignments, and couldn't pull fast enough to get out in front of the backs.  

You mention that UM tried several running backs with no success, doesn't that tell you that the constant of the O Line is more of a problem then the running backs?  You ask about the OC, but forget that he was the same OC who called the plays that got Fitz over 1000 yards last year and having 8 men in the box is no different than what we had last year.  The only difference in those elements between last year and this year is the change at center and left guard.  

Bottom line, the interior O Line was atrocious and that hand cuffed the offense, particularly the running backs.


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So either David Molk was the greatest center in history (which there's no denying he was great), or it's Borgess completely effing things up. The only difference from Fitz last year to this year was Molks presence on the line. The rest was constant. So, are we to believe its all Molk? Unlikely as the line should have improved with another year in the system. Denard probably would/ could have rushed more if not for the AB handicap. Fitz was less effective because there wAs no other threat. Opponents knew that Denard was being coached to play it safe, and without a change in gameplan, the best RB in the world won't make a difference. we need an identity on offense

Post Trolling Edit: the fact that it was negged tells me that I'm dead on with my analysis. Thank you!


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"I see deeper problems than you blaming the O line."

I don't.  Yeah, Lewan was pretty good, but Barnum, Mealer, and Omameh couldn't get any push, and Schofield was mediocre.  One good offensive lineman doesn't make the rest of them good.  And if Omameh truly deserved to be named All-Big Ten, then the rest of the guards in the conference must have been poor.  I think that was more of a Lifetime Achievement Award than anything.


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That interview was

When Matt 'the Caneman' Schodell (or whatever the hell the Miami reporter's sweet middle name is) calls you and asks you if you're interested in Miami, quiet non-trouble causing high schooler says yes. 

Matt 'the Caneman' Schodell prints up NATION'S TOP RB TAKING STRONG LOOK AT CANES


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Slim to none in all probability. I think it'd be great if he came here but the signs seem to be pointing away(before anyone gets all huffy, yes, he has M as his leader, but do I really need to go through another list of people who called M their leaders and then ended up elsewhere?).


December 31st, 2012 at 8:55 AM ^

So a guy declares Michigan his clear leader a month before NSD, and your chances are "slim to none"?  That doesn't make any sense at all.  Just because you think he'll end up elsewhere doesn't mean our "chances" are non-existent.  That's like saying that because Michigan lost a close game to Notre Dame that we had no chance to win the game.


December 31st, 2012 at 11:02 AM ^

Yes, chances are slim to none.  Not sure why that was flamebait.  I never said anything negative about either Michigan or Green.  Yes, chances are slim to none, IMO as it looks like Green is looking to go elsewhere but hasn't found a good enough fit and therefore is maintaining Michigan as a "fall-back" option, the one thing I've found about "fall-back" options in life is they rarely prove to be the road taken.  So yeah, he can maintain Michigan as his leader all he wants, it might just be a way for him to keep the various sites off of his back.  I will be thrilled to be wrong, but I doubt I will be.


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Is that something unique to Michigan then? Because he's done that to all of the other schools too. If Michigan is slim to none, then what are the other schools he's considering? Obviously he's not 100% sure he likes us best, but it's just as obvious he's not sure on anyone else either, and there's only a month left for everyone else to make up ground.