Deron Irving-Bey Transferring to CMU

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Per Evan Petzold on Twitter



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Chris Balas tweeted a few days ago that there was a DL on his way out who was struggling with the non-football aspects. Looks like that is DIB.

Being from the same high school as DIB and only slightly older (I’m 24) I can tell you that the high school doesn’t do a very good job of preparing you for life after high school. 

Its also been well documented that the school doesn’t have enough teachers to fill their classes, so students who don’t have a teacher for a particular class spend that class period in the auditorium. So students are missing out on education for entire classes. 

So it’s reasonable to assume that DIB didn’t receive the proper education and preparation that he needed in order to succeed academically at a school like Michigan.


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Kemp moved inside.  Hutchinson is currently backing up Winovich, because Villain hasn't been fully healthy.  Anchor has more responsibility in the defense so it's not something you really want a freshman playing, so Paye is there.  Hutchinson likely plays after this year though once he has the experience.


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We have Dwumfour, Kemp, and Marshall at 3T. 

We have Solomon, Mone, and Jeter at Nose.

We are 3 deep at each interior spot this year. 

We have Upshaw and Welschof who could both grow into interior guys. 

Next year we lose Mone and Marshall, but add Hinton, Mazi Smith, and Tyrece Woods.

There's no depth issue at DT.


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Gary was a true freshman in 16, Hurst was still slightly green behind the ears, Mone was coming off multiple injuries, and Winovich had just moved to DE. 

I would argue that we go 9 deep with a more experience line this year:

Gary backed up by Paye who's not a true frosh ...Advantage 2018

Winovich backed up by Paye and true frosh Hutchinson...Wash

Dwumfour (new starter who has played some) backed up Kemp (plenty of PT to date) and Marshall (5th year senior) ... Wash

Solomon (multiple starts) backed up by Mone (multiple starts) and Jeter (RS)...Advantage 2018


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I like Paye and all but Gary was a physical freak even as a freshman, not sure that's really a wash. The DE position is fine this year because Gary and Winovich are so good but its a clear drop from the 1st unit to the backups and I'm a little concerned about next year DE depth and play but that is an offseason worry I won't give a shit about starting September 1

Ron Utah

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Paye is a freak as well. Not a Zach Smith level freak, but he has rare quickness and speed for a man his size. 

Gary is a generational talent, but wasn’t super productive as a freshman because learning football is hard. The point that Payes experience could offset the difference in natural ability is valid, and maybe even likely when you look at Brown and Mattison’s body of work. 

San Diego Mick

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This is just weird to me. Why would he give up trying to play for U-M when he's only a RS FR? 

Why do these guys give up so quickly anymore in one place and then hightailing it to another place?


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Players are getting smarter about coaches and schools not having loyalty to them and doing what is best for them. With scouting players can get noticed for the NFL playing at CMU. If he thinks its a better situation more power to him and best of luck. Have no problem with players not "sticking it out" in  a situation they don't feel is best for them in the name of some weird loyalty ideal that is only expected of the players.

Blue in Paradise

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The fact that he is transferring means that he, the team, or both didn't think that he was P5 level. 

This is very disappointing, I was hoping this kid could be a contributor in 2019.


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Can we officially call the numbe of transfers over the last six months concerning?  No starters, but a lot of valuable depth has walked out the door.

Les Miles

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This transfer is unfortunate and I wish the kid the best. With that said, I recommend reading touch the banner. Magnus basically predicted this would happen in his evaluation of Deron. He has a lot of talent and an NFL body but just didnt look like a football player in his highlight tape. He often avoided contact and preferred arm tackles to punishing hits. 


I'd post a link but new mgoblog won't let me from my phone. 



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Not at all. If guys aren't threats to see significant playing time, it's better for the team for their scholarship used on players who might. That's not to say we should run off everyone who isn't in the two deep. I'd be concerned if players are being coerced into leaving. Judging from the way a lot of these guys talk about Michigan even after they transfer, it seems they are not being coerced.


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Most schools have a decent number of transfers, especially if they are playing time related.  If Michigan started losing a bunch of guys with clear paths to playing time, then I'd be worried.  But guys like Crawford, McDoom, Irving-Bey, etc. aren't going to waste their time trying to fight past younger guys, and I don't blame them.

Wish him luck, and this is why I always found it funny when people were acting like Michigan would run out of scholarships during recruiting.