Derek Jeter & Jordan led group buys Marlins for 1.2 Billion

Submitted by Honk if Ufer M… on August 11th, 2017 at 5:14 PM…

"Jeter, who is expected to contribute about $25 million in the sale, is expected to run the Marlins' baseball operations department, according to the Herald"

I had a photo pass for Homecoming, '98 i think,  & met Jeter on the sidelines, nice guy. Also met Mini Me at the same game, super duper nice guy, lifelong Michigan fan from Kzoo area just like Derek. In the 2nd half I was shooting on the side of the endzone when the action suddenly changed direction and I had to quickly back up out of the way of flying players, little did I know Mini Me was standing behind me and I stumbled over him and almost turned him into Minier Me!