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I've taken the liberty of updating the depth chart by class. I've erased the seniors and moved kids into their correct classes for next year. Here's where I need help. I'm not 100 percent sure on all of this years freshman. Here's what I've done:

No redshirt, moved to sophomore class:

RB O'maury Samuels
FB Ben Mason
WR Donovan Peoples-Jones
WR Nico Collins
OL Ceasar Ruiz
DT Aubrey Solomon
DE Kwity Paye
LB Josh Ross
Viper (!!!) Brad Hawkins (???)
CB Ambry Thomas
CB Ben St. Juste (???)
S Jaylen Kelly-Powell
S J'marick Woods
QB Dylan McCaffrey
RB Kurt Taylor 
WR Tarik Black
OL Andrew Stueber
OL Joel Honingford
OL Chuck Filiaga
OL James Hudson
DT Phil Paea
DT Donovan Jeter
DE Deron Irving-Bey
DE Luiji Vilain
LB Jordan Anthony
LB Drew Singleton
Where did I go wrong? Any guys who need to be moved?



January 4th, 2018 at 11:45 AM ^

Both should be listed as centers. I'll be interested to see what they do with the center spot next season. Ruiz can obviously play there and did in high school, but they went with Spanellis as Kugler's backup. Ruiz and Onwenu make for a very imposing set of pulling guards. It's possible they wanted Ruiz to focus on learning the guard position only, and now that they have a full off-season, he'll move back to center. But this from Spanellis' bio screams center to me:

• Recipient of the 2017 Top GPA team award
• Recipient of the National Football Foundation and College Football Hall of Fame High School Scholar-Athlete Award; given to five players nationally that excelled on the field, in the classroom and in their community

He is 6'6", 335 pounds. That's about the same size as JBB. I suppose they could slot him at RT.

I Like Burgers

January 4th, 2018 at 11:31 AM ^

That feels like one of the largest redshirt groups we've had in a long time.  Could be totally wrong on that, but feels nice to start to build some depth again.  Especially since a lot of those are along the lines.


January 4th, 2018 at 11:44 AM ^

That the cupboard is definitely not let's coach 'em up.

Not an expert but still not liking the smell of potentially hiring Enos. He left my Chips in a bit of a dumpster fire state......we are still not back to the level I'd hope we would be at.


January 4th, 2018 at 11:59 AM ^

While losing Mo Hurst and McCray will hurt, you have to like 

LB Jordan Anthony
LB Drew Singleton
to replace McCray
and  these guys should be able to replace Solomon/Dwumfor who will do their best to replace Hurst.
DT Phil Paea
DT Donovan Jeter
DE Deron Irving-Bey
DE Luiji Vilain
On the O-line,  who's going to be the starting tackles?  JBB at right and one of these guys at left?
OL Andrew Stueber
OL Joel Honingford
OL Chuck Filiaga
OL James Hudson


January 4th, 2018 at 12:10 PM ^

Since you're listing options, Newsome is a possibililty at tackle as well.  I agree though it doesn't look good since he can't even get clearance to practice.

But I totally agree with you that Hurst/McCray are losses, but we have a lot more talent coming up behind them in quality and quantity and depth is going to be a real benefit.

That would have helped us this year considering how much the O left them on the field


January 4th, 2018 at 1:04 PM ^

That's my guess too unless Newsome is ready, which keeps looking increasingly unlikely.

I think the inside is a question too.  I could see it being the more predictable Bradeson/Ruiz/Onwenu, but I could also see it being Onwenu/Spanallis/Ruiz (or flip the guards) with Bradeson the line's sixth man.

Hopefully Bradeson will make a big jump going into his third year starting and end that question


January 4th, 2018 at 12:04 PM ^

This isn't going to go over well with the "unacceptable" crowd, but look at the offensive side and notice you really don't have any impact seniors again on offense.   


January 4th, 2018 at 12:07 PM ^

Thanks for the updates!

My questions:
Woods started the bowl game... So technically a returning starter? 
Was Mone a starter, or just in the rotation?

Mr. Yost

January 4th, 2018 at 1:29 PM ^

1. Shea Patterson (Jr.) / Brandon Peters (RS So.)
3. Dylan McCaffrey (RS Fr.)
rs: Joe Milton (Fr.)
rs: Kevin Doyle (Fr.)

1. Karan Higdon (Sr.) / Chris Evans (Jr.)
3. Kareem Walker (RS So.)
4. O'Maury Samuels (So.) / Kurt Taylor (RS Fr.)
6. Tru Wilson (Jr.)
rs: Christian Turner (Fr.)
rs: Hassan Haskins (Fr.)

1. Ben Mason (So.)
2. Ben VanSumeren (Fr.)

1. Tarik Black (So.)
2. Nico Collins (RS Fr.) / Nate Schoenle (RS So.)

1. Donovan Peoples-Jones (So.)
2. Kekoa Crawford (Jr.)

1. Grant Perry (Sr.)
2. Eddie McDoom (Jr.) / Oliver Martin (So.)
rs: Ronnie Bell (Fr.)

1. Sean McKeon (RS So.)
2. Tyrone Wheatley Jr. (RS Jr.)
3. Mustapha Muhammed (Fr.)

1. Zach Gentry (RS Jr.)
2. Nick Eubanks (RS So.)
rs: Luke Schoonmaker (Fr.)

1. Andrew Stueber (RS Fr.) / James Hudson (RS Fr.)
3. Nolan Ulizio (RS Jr.)
inj: Grant Newsome (RS Jr.)
rs: Ryan Hayes (Fr.)

1. Ben Bredeson (Jr.)
2. Jon Runyan Jr. (RS Jr.)
3. Joel Honigford (RS Fr.)

1. Cesar Ruiz (So.)
2. Stephen Spanellis (RS So.)

1. Michael Onwenu (Jr.)
2. Jon Runyan Jr. (RS Jr.)
3. Joel Honigford (RS Fr.)

1. Chuck Filiaga (RS Fr.)
2. Juwan Bushell-Beatty (RS Sr.)
3. Nolan Ulizio (RS Jr.)
rs: Jaylen Mayfield (Fr.)
1. Chase Winovich (RS Sr.)
2. Luiji Vilain (RS Fr.) / Kwity Paye (RS Fr.)
4. Reuben Jones (RS Jr.)
rs: Taylor Upshaw (Fr.)

1. Bryan Mone (RS Sr.)
2. Aubrey Solomon (So.)
3. Michael Dwumfour (RS So.)
4. Phillip Paea (RS Fr.)
5. Carl Meyers (Jr.)

1. Aubrey Solomon (So.)
3. Lawrence Marshall (RS Sr.) / Donovan Jeter (RS Fr.)
5. Michael Dwumfour (RS So.)

1. Rashan Gary (Jr.)
2. Carlo Kemp (Jr.)
3. Ron Johnson (RS So.) / Deron Irving-Bey (RS Fr.)
rs: Aidan Hutchinson (Fr.)
rs: Julius Welschof (Fr.)

1. Devin Gil (RS So.) / Josh Ross (So.)
3. Jordan Anthony (RS Fr.)
4. Cameron McGrone (Fr.)

1. Devin Bush (Jr.)
2. Elysee Mbem-Bosse (Jr.)
3. Drew Singleton (RS Fr.)

1. Noah Furbush (RS Sr.)
2. Josh Uche (RS So.)

1. Khaleke Hudson (Jr.)
2. Jordan Glasgow (RS Jr.)
3. Otis Reese (Fr.)

1. Lavert Hill (Jr.)
2. Ambry Thomas (So.)
3. Benjamin St.-Juste (RS Fr.)
4. Louis Grodman (RS Jr.)

1. David Long (RS So.)
2. Brandon Watson (RS Sr.)
3. Myles Sims (Fr.)
rs: Germon Green (Fr.)

1. Tyree Kinnel (Sr.)
2. Jaylen Kelly-Powell (So.)
3. Brad Hawkins (So.)
rs: German Green (Fr.)

1. Josh Metellus (Jr.) / J'Marick Woods (So.)
3. Jordan Glasgow (RS Jr.)
rs: Sammy Faustin (Fr.)
1. Camaron Cheeseman (RS So.)
2. Andrew Robinson (RS Sr.)

1. Quinn Nordin (RS So.)
2. Ryan Tice (RS Jr.)

1. Brad Robbins (So.)
2. Will Hart (RS So.)

1. James Foug (RS Jr.)
2. Ryan Tice (RS Jr.)

1. Ambry Thomas (So.)
2. Chris Evans (Jr.)

1. Donovan Peoples-Jones (So.)
2. Chris Evans (Jr.)