Dennis Talbott "Clearing His Name" on 97.1 The Fan in Columbus right now.

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Some "interesting" insight fom the photographer from the OTL story about paying TP for signing memorabilia.

Edit:  He just spent about a minute extolling the virtues of a guy he supposedly barely knew when the OTL story was broken.  I hope that something he claims in this interview doesn't jive with something that investigators have been told.  He doesn't seem really good at crossing t's and dotting i's.

Edit:  This guy should run for public office.  In response to a question of why these players would want to hang out with him he said that he would give anyone the shirt off his back . . . but he didn't do anything improper for these players.

Edit:  Claims that Michigan apologized for the misunderstanding about him entering the Big House under a false name.  All they had to do was Google D Jay Talbott and they would have known he uses that name online.  Is this true?

Edit:  The Big Show Link.  The interview is over but follow up/podcast to come.  Sorry to keep beating the dead horse, but this guy repeatedly used his son as the reason he had contact with the players and a signed memorabilia collection.  He was just a pawn in ESPN's attack on Ohio and none of the accusers would go on the record.  He must think that Ohio fans are so angry with the NCAA/ESPN/TP right now that he can get back in their good graces. 



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...and I apologize for deceased equine flagellation, but this was yet another instance of Dimitrious Stanley - former OSU wideout and current Big Show co-host - being the biggest idiot walking God's green earth.  They were talking about the witness who declined to testify out of fear for his life.  Stanley kept repeating that if the hypothetical witness was actually telling the truth, he should just come out and say it.  This was after even his co-host pointed out several times that some OSU fans are in fact not above death threats and intimidation, only to be parried with "Yeah, but"

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Bob DiGeronimo (the booster that gave cash and questionable jobs to Buckeyes) was on the Cleveland drive time show last night. When asked what he thought of Gene Smith (and I quote directly): "Gene Smith is a liar and a coward."