Dennis Norfleet to play some CB in the OB Bowl

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From the Detnews.

"Hoke said freshman Dennis Norfleet had made progress at cornerback and is expected to play there in the bowl game"



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But seriously, maybe some real discussion on this topic considering the last time it was brought up was in the pre-christmas lull.  I personally feel like the signs are pointing to our current CBs as not being as good as they hoped.  Unless Norfleet is so good that Mattison says "I need this guy on the defense", I worry about the move and now the posibble significant playing time at CB.  What happened to Richardson?  Hollowell?  Is a converted RB playing the spot for a couple of weeks really our best option?  Coupled with the massive DB recruiting we're seeing lately, and it seems the coaches may think our current DBs are not up to par.


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No where in the article does he say he will start.  My guess is he was asked if Norfleet was going to play CB, and he said yes.  What's he supposed to say, "He's 5th on the depth chart, and if he has to play we're doomed". 

I highly doubt he's ahead of Richardson or Hollowell, but I can see where he'd play if we had to put in a 5th CB because of injury, someone being tired or some prevent defense with tons of dbs.


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but in the video below, in the H.S. gym there is a DE type player wearing #7. We all know Hawthorne wore #7. So apparently someone made a switch or just wearing #7 to immitate Clowney.



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Competition for PT is usually a good thing. If the current guys are slacking, or not getting it, knowing that Norfleet could play ahead of them might help motivate them to produce. Then again, if they aren't already motivated, I don't know what it would take. Beyond that, the extra depth is important. And perhaps we just need to take the coaches at face value, in their goal to get the best athletes on the field.

The link also mentions a "powerful" (per Hoke) message to the team from Tony Dungy. I would have loved to hear Tony. He spoke at my daughter's high school in the western Chicago suburbs a couple years ago, and was very well received.

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South Carolina's starting wide receivers are only 5'-9", 5'-8" and 5'-7", so I think that Norfleet to CB is a temporary thing for the bowl game only. This coaching staff doesn't mind changing positions around, as they did with Devin, so I don't think anyone needs to freak out.


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Could be quite possible; it would make me feel a bit better I suppose.  I mean it would still say a little about the other CBs on the roster.  Richardson was supposed to be that speedy, fluid corner but lacking great size, which is pretty much what Norfleet brings to the table.  Who knows, maybe there are other injuries that we'll never know about; that would be a very Hoke thing to do.


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Just like with the Alabama game, where Hoke waited on the Toussaint suspension until the last moment. I believe he did that to take pressure off Rawls, who wasn't ready for that kind of national focus. It worked. No one really mentioned Rawls (nationally) much at all.

Same thing here. I believe Richardson will start. This is based on nothing and likely to be proven idiotically incorrect.

Yes, Norfleet is a freshman too. And he'll probably get in for nickel. But I believe this is a decoy thing.


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I like the move. I am not sure he was going to be a full-time RB anyway, but just because he is playing CB doesn't mean he can't also still return punts and kicks and maybe learn to play slot.


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I really want to trust Mattison on this. Our defense tremendously improved with him, and even while we lost some great guys last year, he managed to coach them up enough to continue success and developement. There's got to be something hidden here. We shall soon find out.