Denard working out at QB for Jacksonville

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The Jacksonville Jaguars had Denard lining up in the shotgun formation at QB during Wednesday's OTA practice.  Looks like his QB days are not over.  The last line of the article predicts that if Denard does well, he could be reclassified from RB to QB in the future.…



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Blaine Gabbert isn't very good and Chad Henne isn't great either.  IMO, there probably isn't a team in the league where Denard would have a better shot at seeing time at QB than Jacksonville.


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Henne has shown he can put together a good NFL game, but he needs to loosen up. Late last season, he even played pretty well for the Jags, when he seemed to take the field with a bit of a shrug and a "why the hell not" attitude. The guy just needs to Rex Grossman-up his game a bit (don't we all).


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Denard in the NFL is a big question mark right now. It would be kind of crazy if the Jags didn't even try him back there, especially given how their QB play is apparently going:


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"Asked after the session whether that makes Robinson a “quarterback” or a “Wildcat” option, coach Gus Bradley laughed and said, “We don’t have to tell you,” according to Ryan O’Halloran of the Florida Times-Union"

I assume that, even in Jacksonville, the starting QB job would be Gabbert's to lose despite the numbers, but you can't blame Gus Bradley for trying to figure out how many volumes he can add to the offensive playbook because of Dilithium. It really would be fun to see him take some snaps as an NFL quarterback in addition to his other duties, even if it is purely situational. 


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He needs the practice at RB/WR; the Jags are wasting his time trying him at QB. I wish him well, but that is not where he has an NFL future.


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I would agree with you, assuming they're trying him out as a regular QB. But I wouldn't be surprised if the coaching staff just said, "hey, our new rookie RB was a starting QB for the past three seasons, let's make him run some zone reads or something."

Either way, this hasn't been posted yet, and so I'm posting it now to represent your reaction to the Jags' practice time management:


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but Jacksonville trying Denard as a NFL QB is similar to us having a Sheridan-Threet battle at QB back in 2008. It didn't bode well for us, it doesn't bode well for the Jaguars

Perkis-Size Me

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I guess its good to see he's getting the chance to show what he can do, but its probably not in Denard's ultimate best interests to work snaps at QB unless its some basic Wildcat options. I love Denard, but if he couldn't cut it as a passer at the college level, he'll get eaten alive trying to be one in the NFL. If I were the head coach, get Denard as many snaps at punt/kickoff return, running back and in the slot as you possibly can. That's where he will be the most effective.

The Jags best option at QB at this point is just to survive one more year with Gabbert, dump him after the season, and then go all in on someone like Teddy Bridgewater, Johnny Manziel, Tajh Boyd or maybe AJ McCarron in next year's draft.


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Re-sign Henne to a long-term contract, in two seasons draft Gardner, then you run what I call the Cerberus package (or the Wolv3rine, but that's going to be hard to call in from the sideline - "Wolve-three-ine" I guess?): Henne lines up at QB, Gardner at WR, and Denard at RB. Quadruple flea-flicker throw-back screen to Henne streaking down the sideline.


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Isn't Denard's arm still hurting? I was under the impression that nerve injury is still an issue. Would they reclassify him as a QB without an expectation of him throwing the ball on occasion?