Denard vs. Cam

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College Football News compares "Player A" and "Player B" and says the Heisman race should be closer than people are giving credit for should Michigan pull off the upset over OSU.

Player A’s résumé: 1) Ranks third in the nation in rushing. 2) Ranks second in the nation in total offense. 3) Is the first player in the history of college football to be in the 2,000 passing-yard, 1,500 rushing-yard in one season club. 4) Is 16th in the nation in passing efficiency. 5) Has completed 63% of his passes with 16 touchdowns, ten interceptions, and averages 6.8 yards per carry with 14 touchdowns despite missing a good portion of several games hurt. 6) He has accounted for 3,767 of his team’s 5,660 yards, or 67% of his team’s production. 

Player B’s résumé: 1) Ranks ninth in the nation in rushing. 2) Ranks tenth in the nation in total offense. 3) Is 203 rushing yards away from being the second player in the history of college football to be in the 2,000 passing-yard, 1,500 rushing-yard in one season club. 4) Is second in the nation in passing efficiency. 5) Has completed 68% of his passes with 21 touchdowns and six interceptions, but ten of those scoring strikes came against Arkansas State, ULM, and Chattanooga. He averages 6.3 yards per carry with 17 touchdown runs. 6) He has accounted for 3,335 of his team’s 5,557 yards, or 60% of his team’s production. 

I hope Denard at least gets the recognition of being invited to New York for the Heisman ceremony for having one of the greatest seasons in the history of college football.



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Yep. The only thing keeping Denard from the acclaim that Cam has gotten is team success. Yes, he has 10 interceptions, but ultimately team success, which Denard mistakes have been a part of, have more or less faded him out of the race.

Denard's had a great season, and I hope he gets the acclaim he deserves; however, I believe he might (see: hope) get recognized in future years for less impressive statistics for lack of necessity.

dr eng1ish

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I just don't see it happening, as much as I (and all of us) want it to.  Looking at some of the more high-profile predictions/ polls, Denard is 12 at ESPN, 8 at SI, and not in the top 6 at Heisman Pundit.  Wins just matter too much to these people.


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That's a great comparison and shows that by any objective standard Denard should be in the mix (as he was, indeed the front-runner in many minds, early in the season when UM was undefeated).  The overall team success is the issue, and IMO it will take an upset of tOSU, and a great game by DRob, to put him back into contention.


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The Heisman is supposed to be the best player in college football and not the best quarterback or running back on the best team.  I realize that it usually is the best quarterback or running back on the best team but still.  I mean the fact that Denard is putting up those numbers on a 7-5 team should speak more to his prowess as a player than Cam's numbers on a good team.

My best comparison is Barry vs. Emmit.  Barry played on a crappy team and put up the yards he did.  Emmit played on a good team but it took Barry's retiring for him to finally beat Barry.

Uncle Rico

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This t-day weekend is one of the most blockbuster I can remember in awhile.  

The only way for UM to work its way back onto the CFB landscape, is for UM to beat OSU, thereby shcoking the world and shaking up the B10 standings, becoming a very respectable 8-4, and solidifying RR's job (in the minds of the press) in the process.  

For that to happen, DRob needs to have a huge game.  If he does, then he deserves to be invited to NYC, as a record-setting up and comer in CFB.  If not, then UM simply slides off the national attention scale, we make our way into a middling bowl, and DRob watches the Heisman presentation on ESPN like the rest of us.

Zone Left

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I was hoping for somewhere around a 15/10 TD-INT ratio with about 800 rushing yards out of Denard this season.  He's clearly exceeded expectations (16/10!) and having this season under his belt will hopefully prep him to be seriously deadly against the better opponents next season. 

True Blue in CO

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No Heisman for our favorite player Denard without at least 10 wins. While he is humble and focused on being his best, the gift he needs is a better defense. Alittle better defense will improve the offense significantly in the next two years. And yes improvement in kicking and returns would help as well.


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shitstorm about Cam, the University, the State Legislature, the failed banks, the governor and casinos and of course $$$ will make voters shy away from Cam.  The voters and the Heisman committee and the NCAA don't want another Reggie Bush scenario.

If the articles and the whispering ings about all the deals and $$ involved with Cam going to Auburn are true, the State of Alabam,a may well implode and those associated with the Heisman want no part of that.  Based on that conjecture, I think Denard gets an invite if Michigan is competitive on Saturday. If Denard shines and goes crazy against the Buckeyes, win or lose, he's definitely there.

st barth

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...but unless the Auburn scandal really blows up in the mainstream press before the vote, I can't help but think that most of the voters will hide behind the innocent-until-proven-guilty cliche and vote for Newton anyways.

It's a bit perverse, but I actually hope that Auburn does run the table and win all the awards just so they can have them all stripped away.  That will be a huge credibility blow to the SEC.


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goes to the best player in the country. Think Gino Torreta, Andre Ware, Danny Wuerfell, Chris Weinke, Jason White...and the list goes on. The frormula is being a QB on a championship contending team. That is why Newton and Moore are the front runners. If and when the D improves enough that Denard is on a contending team he will win the Heisman. 


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Denard is only a true sophomore while Newton is four years out of high school with a full season of starting experience at a JC.  Vince Young was nowhere near as good a passer as Denard has been this season until his RS Junior (and last) season at Texas.

The fact that the comparison is even close at this point in their respective careers is a huge mark in Robinson's favor.  Cam can keep the awards (and the cash) for this season, but Denard's ceiling is off the charts.


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Winning doesn't always play out, it has played a factor recently, but didn't Ricky Williams win it when Texas was 7-5? If Denard has numbers nobody has matched, while being under 250 yards away from 4,000 total yards. I think a win against OSU would seal the deal to get him to NY.


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But getting an invite to NY would be a great advertisement for our program.   Hey, knock, knock, we're still here.  And we're doing some cool stuff.

What offensive player would not want to be a part of that?  Maybe even a few defensive players. 


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.......that college football's most prestigious award, stated to be an award that  "recognizes the outstanding college football player whose performance best exhibits the pursuit of excellence with integrity", has devolved into simply picking the best player from one of the top ranked teams.

This year, in particular, is a hard one to really pick someone who is truly outstanding. One thing Newton has over all others is perception. It is perceived that the SEC still plays great defense overall in the conference, and that the conference overall is still the best. IMO, this is pure BS. Newton's stats, if he played in the BE, and even if his team then was unbeaten, wouldn't rate much hype at all.

As for someone like James, his rushing stats aren't all that great other than his 158 yds/game. But again, if he played in the BE, on an unbeaten team, his hype wouldn't be anything close to what it is now.

Perception is everything, and in the case of this award, the perception that you play on one of the best teams, in one of the top conferences, means more than your actual play on the field, and the way you play.

Imagine UM, this year, with an average, or slightly better than average defense. Most likely UM would be 10-1 or 11-0 at this point and Denard would be getting the same hype as Newton, given Denard's stats to date. Now come back to reality, where UM is 7-4, mainly due to poor defense, and Denard's stats barely even register in any Heisman talk. THAT is what I mean by perception. For another hypothetical, imagine Newton's stats, on an Auburn team with a defense as poor as UM's. Auburn might be 8-3 at this point, or worse, not in the SECCG. Would Newton still be in the talk for Heisman? Barely, if at all, would be my guess. THAT is what I mean by perception.

Andrew Luck, Kellen Moore, and Justin Blackmon would be my choices for frontrunners right now. Luck though, gets dinged for Stanford's loss to Oregon. Moore gets dinged because he doesn't play in a better conference, and Blackmon gets dinged because he is a WR, and unless they return punts or kicks and are very good at them, they never win it.


November 23rd, 2010 at 8:45 PM ^

Honestly, I hope he gets invited to New York, but he shouldn't win it this year. He has some gaudy stats, but really he is far from polished at this point. I think next year or the year after is when he really vaults into a top contender.


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anybody else see the similarities of Terelle Pryor and Cam. they are both quarterbacks built like outside linebackers, that run extremely well.

The only difference i see is Pryor being forced to run mainly a pro style offense which doesn't suit his skill set.  Yet Cam is allowed to run which opens up passing lanes.  It could just be me but i think both are essentialy the same quarterback and if Pryor was at Auburn he would be the front runner for the heisman.


November 23rd, 2010 at 10:31 PM ^

Tebow won the Heisman on a 4 loss (I think) team, pretty much purely for his 20/20 touchdowns accomplishment.  If Alabama is able to hold down Newton's production or the NCAA investigation publicly turns up some evidence against him, and if Denard has a big day against OSU, and if the 2000/1500 accomplishment gets some more attention in the media....

I mean, seriously, there's some major Heisman karma due for Gino Torreta.


November 24th, 2010 at 3:34 AM ^

only thing that pisses me off more is denard isnt getiing recognized for anything nationally... i'd love for him to be invited and turn it down. as he tells them " shove that statue up ur a**hole and GO BLUE"