Is Denard Still a Heisman Contender?

Submitted by IllegalShift on October 20th, 2010 at 11:04 AM

As a fan I hate to say this, but Denard Robinson is hanging on to the Heisman race by a thread. Two weeks ago after the Mich St loss, we still had him in the #1 spot when people like ESPN had already knocked him out of the race. 

So my question to all Michigan fans is, does Denard deserve to still be in the Heisman race?



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Sure, why not. He's put himself in the discussion and if he plays great and the team wins just enough--dont forget Tebow's team had 4 losses the year he won--then he'll be a contender in the end.

Right now, per the odds, its Cam Newton's to lose. Kellen Moore is just doing his thing as other candidates ebb and flow, so he's chalk right now too. Here are the betting odds, per numbers reperesent how much you win if you wager $100.


Andrew Luck    
    Cam Newton    
    Denard Robinson    
    John Clay    
    Kellen Moore    
    LaMichael James    
    Landry Jones    
    Taylor Martinez    
    Terrelle Pryor  


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Are those actual transactions going on right now?  Becuase I find it incredible that Taylor Martinez is considered more than twice as likely to win the Heisman as Denard.  If that really is the way things are and you can sell odds, I'd bet my 401K against Martinez with those odds.


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team, therefor has a better shot. I said this three weeks ago and I still believe it:

There is a very good chance that the winner of the OSU/UM game could also win their QB the Heisman. Now we will see. I think Denard, up until the OSU game will go back to throwing up ridiculous numbers and place himself at the top. I don't see Auburn going undefeated, but if they do, Cam Newton will win it. He needs to lose for anyone else to have a chance at this point. Taylor Martinez talk will fall off I think. I just don't think he can be at all consistent plus he got yanked, not injured.


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Pryor is out.  Completely out.  He was pretty much out before the Wisky game. 

I agree that Newton would be a shoe-in if Auburn wins every game, but they probably won't.  They are a pretty flawed team.  Cam Newton wasn't being talked about a whole bunch until the game that he had against Arkansas.  Let's see if he's still a leading candidate after playing LSU.  I'd put Denard's chances at winning the Heisman right now at about 20-25%.


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Yes, those were the current odds a couple hours ago.

I dont know where you can find odds to bet against certain players. I thought the Martinez odds were generoud. Denard went from +150 before MSU, to +500 after MSU to +800 now.

Martinez's odds are pretty much the same this week as they were last week


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I just want him to help the team win more games, and to limit the terrible interceptions.  If he is still in the Heisman race after that, then that's just peaches.

Communist Football

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This was a perfect time for Denard to drop down the list: two losses with 4 INTs, after 5 games of statistical annihilation.

As we get through the rest of the season, however, assuming he stays healthy, Denard's numbers will be impossible to ignore.  He will almost certainly become the only man in NCAA history to have rushed and passed for 1,500 yards in the same season.

The media isn't paying attention to that fact right now, but by the time we beat Purdue, they will be.


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If he can't impress during the PSU game then there won't even be a chance.


I would rather we win our games.  Hopefully he doesn't get hurt, but i have a feeling he won't be able to keep it up.


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But he will need to accumulate some great stats over the next few weeks in advance of Wisconsin and OSU, setting up a big performance in big game finish.  But without three wins in the next three weeks, he is forgotten no matter how well he does.

Webber's Pimp

October 20th, 2010 at 12:56 PM ^

I think he has an outside shot but he would certainly have to finish big. My scenario would include winning the three next games on the slate as well as one of Wiscy or OSU. A tall order indeed but not impossible given what we saw from him earlier in the year.


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To win the Heisman, Denard needs a few things...

1.  An 8-4 record at least.  I don't think that a 7-5 player can win it.  Tebow won it with 9-3.  I think that 8-4 is probably the floor.

2.  A statistical accomplishment like either leading the nation in rushing or breaking the NCAA record for rushing yards by a QB.  This is going to be impossible to ignore.  Denard is going to end up with more yards and a higher ypc than last year's Heisman Trophy winning running back

3.  No more games with conspicuous tunovers.

With those three conditions, I think that he wins it handily.


October 20th, 2010 at 1:44 PM ^

To be more specific, I think Denard needs to compile some good numbers against PSU, Illinois, and Purdue while winning all three, and then not look bad against Wiscy or OSU.  An upset over OSU would help immensely.  He will definitely need to show that he can perform against a good Big Ten defense, though. 


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Just optimistic speculation here -- I think that Denard will become the first guy to go 200 rushing and 200 passing three times in the same season.  The most likely team to do this against is Purdue, but I could see it possibly happening against Penn State, given all of their injuries on defense and how they are the absolute worst injuries to have against Denard.

One thing to consider is that Denard has had by far the best "bad" games of anyone so far.  For a truly terrible performance against a good defense, see Taylor Martinez vs Tejas.  All of the talk about how Greg Jones or Adrian Clayborn would blow up our unproven offense is gone now.  It's all down to turnovers, turnovers, turnovers.

Communist Football

October 20th, 2010 at 2:10 PM ^

Denard is the nation's leading rusher at any position, by a margin of 198 yards.…

That is simply remarkable for a QB -- I don't believe a QB has ever ended the season as the nation's leading rusher.

I think the interceptions have hurt him more than the losing.  He's really got to cut down on that.


October 20th, 2010 at 1:37 PM ^

He would have to have several really big games against quality opposition, and and there isn’t much room left for him to have another bad game.


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This bye week will help him tremendously recovering from 6 weeks of performing, Me thinks he goes wild against PSU, Illinois and Purdue. I'm going on record here saying in either the Wiscy or OSU game he goes bonkers and torches one of them catapulting him back into the top 3 for the Heisman. For some strange reason I have a feeling he does it against OSU and RichRod serves up a nice big Shitburger to all the doubters. You heard it here first....


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Yes, he deserves to still be in the race. But Cam Newton is having a better year. I would say Newton has the best chance to win, then James, then Moore, then Denard.

Tha Stunna

October 20th, 2010 at 3:53 PM ^

I can't see Denard winning it without a win over OSU, short of all the other heisman contenders self-destructing late in the season.  Heisman winners have to win their last game, or else be on a really good team (2003 for example).  I don't see it happening otherwise, even with a 9-3 record and a crazy valiant in defeat effort.


October 20th, 2010 at 4:43 PM ^

1,000 yards rushing?  Check, and PSU, ILL and Purdon't on deck.

Decent completion %? 68% Check

Decent TD to INT ratio? 9 to 2 with 3 patsies coming up. Check.

Potential to upset major rival OSU on the road to seal the deal and jump over other contenders?  Check.

He took a big hit the last two weeks and has officially caught interceptionitis, but I'd say his chances to re-contend are better than most people want to admit.





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Denard does not deserve consideration AT THIS POINT. Of course, the Heisman "race" is so fluid that a guy might be the leader one week and drop out completely the next. This cuts both ways, though, so while Denard has dropped out at this juncture, if he were to resume his play of the first 5 weeks he would certainly deserve re-consideration by the time the award is actually voted on.