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This topic is kinda redundant, since this has already been covered in a threat still on the front page.

Regarding the cover jinx, which is amusing but not really gospel (Usain Bolt made the cover last week, didn't slow him down any): Alabama's AJ McCarron is also on a regional cover. It's a wash for week one.

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I'll be surprised if MSU finishes the season in the top 10.  I think they're being seriously overrated by a lot of people.  All their success under Dantonio has come with Cousins at QB.  I'm not yet convinced that they're the kind of program that can transition to a new QB and not miss a beat.

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So there's that.

And with this "Sports Illustrated"; Denard is on the cover, Michigan is not in their Top 10, and Michael Rosenberg is now one of their Senior Writers.  Have a nice day.

Maybe this will help.  Couldn't hurt: