Denard shockingly efficient under center

Submitted by AAK15 on September 13th, 2012 at 12:10 PM

Robinson has completed 46 of 70 passes from under center in his career. That's a 65.7 percent completion rate. As if that weren't eye-catching enough, consider this: As a dropback quarterback, Robinson has thrown 12 touchdowns and only one interception and has a passer efficiency rating of 197.9 under center.


Good article from ESPN analyzing Denard's QB play under center vs. out of the shotgun.




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Well well, you learn something new everyday.  It's nice to see some actual numbers behind what has actually been happening.  

Agreed with what CRex pointed out above, to beat the better teams in the Big Ten and other teams, we will have to utilize the downfield passing game so that opposing defenses don't throw 8-9 in the box to stop the run.


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only tangentially related, but


You couldn't imagine better personnel to run the transcon screen. You've got a converted quarterback playing wide reciever and the "most dangerous player in the Big Ten and perhaps in the country" at quarterback.

A guy why can actually throw the screen, and a guy who can take it to the house in the time it takes you to snooze: that's the perfect combo.