Denard Senior Bowl Highlights

Submitted by Thorin on January 27th, 2013 at 9:53 PM
The last glimpses of a Michigan legend in a winged helmet.



January 27th, 2013 at 10:07 PM ^

Never thought of it before but the constant comparisons to Welker in this video could workout if he were drafted by NE with them looking unlikely to resign Welker atm. All I can say is good luck Denard you were great on and off the field. I wish you all the best and continued success.


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I would like to see Michigan wear blue pants with the away jerseys sometime. Also good to see Denard make a couple nice plays catching the ball.


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Some players get special medical allowance to wear tinted visors.

According to Section 4 Article 3a of NFL rules, a player must provide the league with a doctor's note and must obtain approval from the league office in order to wear a tinted visor on the field of play. Clear visors are acceptable for all players without league approval. If an NFL official sees a player wearing an illegal visor, he informs the player of the violation at the next change of possession. The player must remove the illegal visor from his helmet before he is allowed to return to the field of play. If a player cited for a visor violation attempts to return to the field without removing the visor or he is observed wearing the illegally visored helmet on the sideline, he may be ejected from the game and subjected to further discipline from the league.


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Which ever team drafts him will immediately become one of my favorites to watch. I'm hoping New England, or Philly. Maybe Chud picks him up in Cleveland because he coached offense, and they need playmakers, (especially with Cribbs declining, and being a UFA this year.)


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Am i the only one who felt really sad watching that?  Poor Denard - his arm still obviously in pain, trying to make a go of it at a new position, right before the draft?

I know the comparison isnt entirely accurate and I know it's WAY before 99% of the board's time but there were two other wouded QB's i was reminded of watching him who switched cities, not positions way back in the day..



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Although I had a love/haye relationship with Denard, I always loved and admired him as a person. No matter the mistakes when he smiled you could not help but to go " man I love that guy, get them next time". I did not realize how much I am actually going to miss seeing this kid wear that winged helmet every Saturday. I really hope he has a great NFL career but even if he does not he is destined for great things! He is the true meaning of a class act. I am so proud to be a fan of the best University. Making winners on and off the field! Go Blue!! Thank you Mr. Robinson for EVERYTHING.

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January 28th, 2013 at 12:31 PM ^

I'm not sure how much of a hockey fan you are, but I felt EXACTLY the same way about Shawn Hunwick.  Neither he nor Denard took an orthodox approach to their respective positions, but both were effective seemingly in spite of themselves and did a HELLUVA lot to hide the defficiencies inherent in the teams they played on, difficiencies brought to light by their subsequent absences (in Denard's case, absent at his "true" position; in Hunny's case, absence due to graduation).

Watching both drove me crazy, but I sure wish we had them back for just one more year and I miss them terribly.  Honestly, I haven't felt this much of a void since Rick Leach graduated.  I was 12 then.


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did anyone else see him listed as 5 ' 10 ''.


all the while i thought he was 6 feet - ish.

makes me respect the man more for qbing michigan at 5 10 for 3 years.


January 28th, 2013 at 5:46 AM ^

and have posted in the past that there was/is no way he was 6'0".  i doubt his weight too, but maybe that is a true weight b/c this is somewhat of an informal/formal combine work out for the guys.   obviously there couldn't be a nanogram of fat on the guy so it might be right.  i remember being on training tables next to A.C. (anthony carter) and he was always listed at 6' and something like 180, but he had legs like a deer and i don't think he weighed 160 back then.  great athlete, denard is even better in my opinion.  hope he finds a position in the pros.


looks like his dreads were shorter too?